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To control the infant and maternal mortality rate, the Health Department lunched a 1,000 Day-care Scheme. The beneficiaries will benefit starting from pregnancy till the immunisation of the child is completed.

This comprehensive mother and child care programme has been covered under the Vision-2018 of the state government. It will include providing quality ANC check up at least three times to pregnant women, nutrition supplements and tracking of high-risk pregnancies.

Under this programme, ASHA workers will register pregnant women and take them to health centres for checking in each trimester. All vaccines will be given to pregnant women. Attention will also be paid to the haemoglobin level of expecting mothers throughout the pregnancy and necessary medication will also be provided.

Special attention will be paid to their diet. If any woman is under the high-risk category then arrangements to get her referred from the health centre will be made in advance. Full record of pregnant women will be kept by ASHA workers.

Dr Sneh Lata, working at one of the government health centre, said, “This 1,000 day comprehensive care plan of the mother and child by the state government will prove helpful to women especially those living in the rural areas.”
“Most women living in villages do not go for proper tests and scans and with the Health Department taking the responsibility, I am sure things will definitely improve,” she added.

Health Minister Brahm Mohindra said, “The Vision 2018 of the state government includes the 1,000 day comprehensive health care of a pregnant woman and her child. This will help in curbing infant and maternal mortality rate.”

Key features

  • Under the new drive it is expected that the expected mothers from the Rural regions will get full benefit. This will further help in lowering the Infant mortality rate.
  • The Asha workers will also be assisting the expected mothers to get registered under the scheme and will assist them for following the check up programme from time to time in nearby Health centers.
  • The expected mothers will be able to take the benefit of Health care check up at least three times every week on regular basis. During this time the health centers will also be providing the pregnant women with all possible vaccines on time.
  • Under the new drive the expected mothers will also be provided with Hemoglobin count check up for monitoring the exact count during pregnancy. The centers will further provide the expected mothers with possible medications during this time.
  • Under the scheme it is also obvious that the Health centers will also monitor the right type of diet provided to the pregnant women for maintain proper health of mother and child.
  • In case any pregnant women is facing extensive risk then the health center will also take all possible steps for referring her to a better doctor or health care center in advance before delivery.
  • The new programme will be launched by the Health care department for covering up 1000 day care for pregnant women with an aim to help reduce the chances of Infant Mortality during early pregnancy and child birth.


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