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In each of the following sentences, find if any part of the sentence (1), (2), (3) or (4) contains error. If there is no error mark “No Error” as you answer.

Q1. (1)As the bodies and minds mature,/(2) they need and have a right to information/(3) of puberty so that they are /(4)prepared for the changes they will experience.
A) (1)           B) (2)            C) (3)            D) (4)            E) NE

Q2. (1)Adolescents in our lives are facing health,/(2) psychological and social problems because/(3) we adults are /(4)shying away from sexual education.
A) (1)          B) (2)             C) (3)           D) (4)               E) NE

Q3. (1)Instead, sexuality education aims to improve /(2)knowledge and understanding, and to /(3)correct misconceptions by providing age appropriate, /(4)scientifically accurate, and culturally relevant information.
A) (1)          B) (2)             C) (3)              D) (4)              E) NE

Q4. (1)There is absolutely no two opinion about the desirability of long-standing commitments /(2) among the two big democracies, notwithstanding /(3)the challenges of social frictions and illiberal/(4) tendencies that they both currently face.
A) (1)             B) (2)                C) (3)              D) (4)             E) NE

Q5. (1)In the first nine months of the Trump administration, other international/(2) commitments that the U.S. had unilaterally reneged /(3)by include the Paris climate agreement and/(4) the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.
A) (1)             B) (2)              C) (3)                D) (4)              E) NE

Q6. (1)The World Bank and IMF through aggressive promotion of neoliberal economics,/(2) and the UN through its non proliferation, climate protection, /(3)and Responsibility to Protect doctrines expanded/(4) the rules of the new order that chipped away at national sovereignty.
A) (1)                B) (2)              C) (3)                 D) (4)                E) NE

Q7.(1)For too long, the American people were told that mammoth multinational /(2)trade deals, unaccountable international tribunals, and powerful/(3) global bureaucracies were the best ways/(4) to promote their success.
A) (1)              B) (2)           C) (3)               D) (4)                E) NE

Q8. (1)The IMF is no longer advocating neoliberalism as its core credo,/(2) and called for more redistributive measures by government,/(3) including higher taxes on the rich, to deal with the /(4)inequality created by market.
A) (1)                B) (2)             C) (3)              D) (4)             E) NE

Q9. (1) Mr. Tillerson spoke about providing alternative /(2)financing to countries that may be /(3)coming under Chinese/(4) influence for infrastructure financing.
A) (1)           B) (2)              C) (3)              D) (4)               E) NE

Q10. (1)The World Bank was also offbeat about the Belt/(2) and Road Initiative, on /(3)which India and the U.S. are expected/(4) to join hands in resisting Chinese manoeuvres.
A) (1)             B) (2)              C) (3)                 D) (4)             E) NE



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