Though Jammu and Kashmir is a mountainous area, people residing here, like to include fish in their menu. Due to its distance from seas and oceans, most of the fish is transported to Jammu and Kashmir from coastal areas. It increases the market price of fishes within the state. To prevent this, Jammu & Kashmir state government, in association with Fisheries Department has decided to implement Rehbar-e-Machli-Palan Scheme. Under this project, the state authority will take assistance from trained pisciculture students to develop the

Name of the scheme Rehbar-e-Machli-Palan Scheme
Launched in Jammu and Kashmir
Announced by Asgar Hassan Samoon (Principal Secretary)
Date of announcement 17th July, 2018
Recruitment for Fisheries Department of Jammu and Kashmir
Supervised by State Animal and Sheep Husbandry Department


Key features of the project

♦ Development of pisciculture in the state – Artificial fish farming an elaborate process and requires modern tools and training. With appointment of youngsters, Fisheries Department will be able to reduce staffing issues. Fresh recruits will offer correct guidance to fish farmers. It will ultimately develop pisciculture in this region.

♦ Meeting demand for fish  Jammu and Kashmir state government wants to meet fish demand, with products, which are reared within the state boundaries. For that it will have to depend on artificial fish culture. That will not be possible without successful implementation of Rehbar-e-Machli-Palan Scheme.

♦ Offering job opportunities to youth – A high percentage of students that opted to study pisciculture fail to bag suitable jobs within Jammu and Kashmir. With the implementation of this project, such people will find jobs easily.

♦ Salary after appointment – The Fisheries Department in Jammu and Kashmir will appoint young and trained individuals for meeting staff requirements. For this, each selected candidate will receive a monthly remuneration from J&K government.

♦ Maintaining water bodies – Fishes will not grow in polluted water bodies. It will be the responsibility of trained experts to offer insight for maintaining the overall health of natural as well as artificial water bodies, where pisciculture takes place.

♦ Guidance and technical assistance for fish farmers – The main task of the experts, appointed by fisheries department will be to offer guidance to fish farmers. Apart from tips on developing the quality and quantity of fishes, they will also guide farmers to make use of advanced tools and machines.

♦ Appointment of experts – To offer assistance and guidance to fish farmers, state will appoint as many as 150 trained candidates. These applicants have graduation or post-graduation degree in pisciculture. They will be posted all over the state where artificial fish farming takes place.

♦ Implementation in phases – It has been mentioned that the implementation of this elaborate project will be done in separate phases. It will allow the state authority to keep a close watch on its overall development.


Implementation procedure

The respective department has just announced the launch of this scheme. It is still working on the final blue-print of the project’s implementation. In due time, the authority will publish the guidelines and how interested applicants can enroll under this developmental project.



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