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Memory Based Question Asked in IBPS RRB PO Prelims 2018 Download Pdf

Hello Aspirants, as we know that today was first day of IBPS RRB Officer Scale I PO prelims exam. So we are providing Memory Based questions asked in IBPS RRB PO exam pattern held on 11th aug 2018. Here we will are providing you the section-wise Memory Based Questions. We are updating one by one all the questions stay tuned and book mark this page.

IBPS RRB PO Prelims Exam Analysis & Review 2018 11th Aug (All Shifts)

IBPS RRB PO Questions Asked on 11th Aug 1st Shift Prelims Exam

#1 IBPS RRB PO Quant Question Asked in 11th aug Paper

Number Series Questions asked in first shift

a. 1 15 119 475 949 947 473

Solution: *16-1, *8-1,*4-1, *2-1, *1-1, *0 .5-1
Ans: 947

b. 250 260 291 314 340 370 405

Solution: differences

c. 750 535 411 348 322 314 315

Solution: differences n^3 -1

d. 1 3 7 15 31 64 127

Solution: *2+1

e. 2 7 27 107 427 1708 6827


Quadratic equation asked in first shift

Type of puzzle asked in first shift

5 movies ABCDE releasing from monday to friday each movie have different time. Movie A is releasing on tuesday. No movie released between A and movie which have 75 minute time duration. One movie release between 75 min movie and 100 min movie. Movie B release immediately after 100 min movie. More than two movies released between C and D. Movie C released immediately after 130 minutes movie. One movie have time duration 20 min more than movie E.

Type of Linear Arrangement asked in first shift

There are certain number of students sitting horizontally facing north.  M is sitting 3rd to the right of S.  Five students are sitting between M and P. Q is sitting 2nd from the left end. No one sits to the right of N. U is next to N. As many students sit between M & U as between S & T.

Number series asked in second shift

1. 1295, 624, 255,  80, ? Answer 15

2. 90, 128, 185, 261, ? Answer 95

3. 2, 7, 27, 107, 427, ?, 6827

Arithmetic Questions Asked in the Second Shift

Qs1. The ratio of Length & breadth of a rectangle is 3:1. The area of a rectangle is equal to 3 times the area of a square of side 12 then find out the perimeter of a rectangle?

Qs2: A women spent 40% of his income on air travel and rest on A, B, C in ratio 8:7:9 and the difference between A and air travel 24000.

Number Series Asked in the Third Shift 

Find the wrong number

  1. 2 3 7 89 456 2677
  2. 60 20 30 45 90 225 695
  3. 2 3.4 6.8 11.14
  4. 900 896 912 848 1104

Arithmetic Questions Asked in the third Shift

Qs 1 Tow trains running in opposite direction. The speed of the train 15 m and 5 m. How much time cross each other distance 1188?
Qs2:  Pipe A fill the empty tank in 16 hours and Pipe B fill the empty tank in 24 hours. If pipe A was open for 4 hours and pipe B open for 2 hours, then how much part fill in a fraction?

Sample Question for practice: Data Interpretation (Bar Graph)

Direction: Study the following graph carefully and then answer the questions below on it:
The percentage of five different types of mobile phones sold by Reliance Digital Store during two years

Total number of mobile phones sold in 2014 = 4,50,000
Total number of mobile phones sold in 2015 = 5,20,000

1. If 15% of Vivo mobiles sold during 2014 and 2015 were returned by the customers due to some defects, then how many Vivo mobiles were originally sold by the store?

2.If the number of Oppo Mobiles sold in 2015 was the same as that of 2014, what would have been its approximate percentage share in the total mobiles sold in 2015?

3.What was the difference in the total number of Samsung mobiles sold in 2014 and 2015?

4.From 2014 to 2015, for which of the following mobile phones was the increase in sale percentage maximum?

5.If the percentage of Micromax mobiles sold in 2015 was the same as that of 2014, what would have been the number of micromax mobiles sold in 2015?

Sample Question for practice: Syllogism

Directions: In these, statements are followed by two conclusions. Consider statements to be true and find if the conclusions follow or not. 

1. Statements: All orange are red.
No red is black. Some black are blue.
All blue are pink.
I. Some red are orange is a possibility.
II. All blue are orange is a possibility.

A. Only I follows
B. Only II follows
C. Either I or II follows
D. Neither I nor II follow
E. Both I and II follow

2. Direction: Study the following information carefully and answer the questions. In given below some statements are followed by three conclusions numbered I, II and III. You have to take the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance with the commonly knows facts. Read the conclusions and decide which conclusion logically follows from the given statements disregarding commonly known facts.

All wallets are watches
Some shoes are wallet
All shoes are belt
I. All belts being watch is a possibility
II. All wallets are shoes
III. All watches being shoes is a possibility

A. Only I follows
B. Only I and II follows
C. Only I and III follows
D. Only II and III does not follow
E. None of these 

#2 IBPS RRB PO Reasoning Question Asked in 11th aug Paper

Will be Available Soon…



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