Answers of SBI PO New Pattern Based Questions Exercise 10

English Solutions

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S1. Ans.(d)

Sol. Answer option D, phantom and reality are antonyms; all the others including the key pair are synonyms.

S2. Ans.(a)

Sol. Answer option A, the key pair is opposites. Option A is synonyms. calumny-the making of false and defamatory statements about someone in order to damage their reputation; slander.

S3. Ans.(a)

Sol. Spinach is not pink; hence the least similar is Apple and Red.

S4. Ans.(c)

Sol. Cable conducts electricity, lamp and oil do not have a similar relationship.

S5. Ans.(b)

Sol. The key pair is antonyms; option B is synonyms. Culture and refinement are synonyms in applied meaning.

S6. Ans.(d)

Sol. Clothes protect the body; similarly, the first three options are related to each other. Antimacassar is a piece of ornamented cloth that protects the back of chair from hair oils.

S7. Ans.(c)

Sol. The key pair is synonymous. Option c is opposite.
asinine-extremely stupid or foolish. vacuous-having or showing a lack of thought or intelligence; mindless.
deciduous-(of a tree or shrub) shedding its leaves annually.

S8. Ans.(b)

Sol. AAAB. Complementary fits the sentence because attachments cannot be complimentary – given free. Without moral bearings etc. makes one amoral – being neither moral nor immoral, rather than immoral. Dispel means to remove; expel means to throw out. Deadly means dangerous; deathly means death-like.

S9. Ans.(d)

Sol. BBAB. Jugular is the main vein in the neck; juggler is a person who does tricks. Junction is where two paths meet; juncture means an important point in one’s development or history. Unexceptionable means unobjectionable; unexceptional means ordinary/commonplace. Urbane means suave or sophisticated; urban means related to the city.

S10. Ans.(b)

Sol. AABB. Babble means meaningless and loud talk; bauble means a trinket/trifle. She felt bad because feel is a stative verb in the context; stative verbs need to be followed by an adjective (bad) and not an adverb (badly). Bail as a noun is a container; bale (noun) means a large bundle. Bated breath is the correct idiom; baited (past tense of bait) means to entice or lure.

S11. Ans.(b)

Sol. AAAA. Baneful means poisonous, deadly or destructive; baleful means sinister. Burly means strong and heavy build. Burley is a type of tobacco. Billow means to rise in waves/spirals. Bellow is to make a loud and hollow sound. Malediction means a curse; benediction means a blessing.

S12. Ans.(a)

Sol. AABA. Beneficent means performing acts of Kindness and charity; beneficial is conducive to personal or social well-being. Earthly means possible; earthy means practical. Egoism emphasizes self-interest; egotism means conceited or proud. Egress is way out and ingress is a way in.

S13. Ans.(c)

Sol. AABA. Immanent means in-build; imminent is waiting to happen. Immediately means directly or straightaway which correct in the context. Diary is a record of events and dairy is where milk products are stored. Damp implies slightly wet. Dank is unpleasantly wet (stinking)

S14. Ans.(b)

Sol. ABBB. Dearth means scarcity, hence correct. Digress means to stray away from the topic; regress means to go back in time. Minimize means to keep to minimum; diminish means to cause to appear less. Officious means volunteering one’s services where they are neither asked nor needed or meddlesome.

S15. Ans.(c)

Sol. BBAB. Facilitate means to help bring about; felicitate means to offer congratulations. Feign means to pretend , fain means willing, obliged, constrained etc. The past tense of hang is hung and hanged; but hanged is used only in the context of hanged to death and in no other. Stricture means restriction.
Quant Solutions

S1. Ans.(c)
Sol. Total expenditure for the year
= [2200 × 3 + 2250 × 4 + 3120 × 5]
= 6600 + 9000 + 15600 = Rs. 31200
Total saving = Rs. 1260
Total income = expenses + savings
= 31200 + 1260 = Rs. 32460
Average income
=32460/12 = Rs. 2705
S2. Ans.(b)
Sol. Ratio of speed = Ratio of distance.
Therefore, ratio of distance = 4 : 3.
Hence, the man travels 36 miles and the woman 27 miles.
S3. Ans.(d)
Sol. Ratio of number of passengers is 5 : 3 : 2
∴ If 200 passengers traveled by third class,
500 must have travelled by first class
Sum of ratio of amount collected
= (5 × 9 + 3 × 7 + 2 × 2) = 45 + 21 + 4 = 70
∴ Amount collected from 1st class
=45/70×98000 = Rs. 63,000
∴ Fare for the first class
= Rs. (63000/500) = Rs. 126
S5. Ans.(a)
Sol. Carl’s original share =(x/6)=(24/6) = Rs. 4 lakhs
S8. Ans.(b)
Sol. Production cost of 1500 watches
= (1500 × 150 + 30,000) = Rs. 255,000
Amount realized on the sale of 1500 watches
= (1200 × 250 + 300 × 100) = Rs. 330,000
∴ Profit earned
= (330,000 – 255,000) = Rs. 75,000
S9. Ans.(b)
Sol. Production cost of 1500 watches = Rs. 255,000
Let he sells x watches during the season,
therefore, number of watches sold after the season
= (1500 – x) watches
Amount realized on the sale of 1500 watches
= 250 × x + 100(1500 – x) = 150x + 150,000
New, break-even is achieved if production cost is equal to the selling price
∴ 150x + 150,000 = 255,000 ⇒ x = 700
S11. Ans.(a)
Sol. 35 men do the rest of the job in 12 days (37 – 25 = 12)
∴ 30 men can do the rest of the job in (12 × 35)/30 = 14 days
Thus, the work would have been finished in (25 + 14) = 39 days
That is, (39 – 38) = 1 day after the scheduled time
S14. Ans.(c)
Sol. Since the trains are travelling in opposite direction velocity
 for the driver of the faster train = 50 m/s
Distance travelled = length of the train = 100 m
Time taken by the ball from one train to the other
=100/50 = 2 seconds
Ball in thrown at 2 m/s,
∴ distance between the two trains = 2 × 2 = 4 m.

Reasoning Solutions


S1. Ans.(c)
Sol. Only assumption B is implicit because government as decided means private entities are capable of constructing highways within a reasonable time.


2.S2. Ans.(c)

Sol. Assumptions A and B are implicit because if the government has urged all the citizens and as a result, people will try to follow to save the ecosystem.


S3. Ans.(c)

Sol. Only assumption B is implicit.

4.S4. Ans.(a)

Sol. None is implicit.

5.S5. Ans.(b)

Sol. Only assumption A is implicit.

6.S6. Ans.(c)

Sol. Argument A is not strong due to the word ‘only’. Argument B is strong because there is a huge shortage of electricity in most part of the country. Arguments III is not strong because what other countries are doing. We should not follow that blindly.

7.S7. Ans.(c)

Sol. Argument A is not strong due to the word ‘never’. If work is done at night, it cannot be said that there is an unnecessary use of electricity as it is very essential. Argument C is strong because at daytime commuters will face a lot of problems.

8.S8. Ans.(c)

Sol. Argument A and C are strong because many deemed universities are not performing to the required standard, so the level of education is decreasing and these universities are basically money oriented.

9.S9. Ans.(a)

Sol. Argument A and B are strong because our country is based on irrigation and it is dependent on ground water. Due to heavy use of ground water for irrigation. The water level has gone to an alarming level. International agencies are not the concerned authority to give advice to India. So, Argument C is not strong.

10.S10. Ans.(d)

Sol. Argument A is strong because big cities in India does not adequate open space of residential colonies. So, the solution is high rise buildings to accommodate the growing population. less Argument B is not strong because concerned development authority and some other people are benefited by it. Argument C is not strong because providing adequate infrastructural facilities is the prime responsibility of the builders and developers.

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