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                                APEX BANK OF DIFFERENT COUNTRIES
AFGHANISTAN: Bank of Afghanistan KENYA: Central Bank of Kenya
ARGENTINA: Central Bank of Argentina KOREA: Republic Bank of Korea
AUSTRALIA: Reserve Bank of Australia KYRGYZSTAN: National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic
AUSTRIA: European Central bank LIBYA: Central Bank of Libya
AZERBAIJAN: Central Bank of the Rep. of Azerbaijan MALAYSIA: Bank Negara Malaysia
BANGLADESH Central Bank of Bangladesh MALDIVES: Maldives Monetary Authority
BERMUDA: Bermuda Monetary Authority MALI: Central Bank of West African States
BHUTAN: Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan MAURITIUS: Central Bank of Mauritius
BOLIVIA: Central Bank of Bolivia MEXICO: Bank of Mexico
BRAZIL: Central Bank of Brazil MONGOLIA: Bank of Mongolia
CAMBODIA: National Bank of Cambodia MOROCCO: Bank of Morocco
CANADA: Bank of Canada MYANMAR: Central Bank of Myanmar
CHAD: Commercial Bank Chad NETHERLANDS: European Central Bank
CHILE: Central Bank of Chile NEW ZEALAND: Reserve Bank of New Zealand
CHINA: People’s Bank of China PAKISTAN: State Bank of Pakistan
COLOMBIA: Central Bank of Colombia PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Bank of Papua New guinea
CUBA: Central Bank of Cuba PERU: Central Reserve Bank of Peru
CYPRUS: European Central Bank PHILIPPINES: Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
DENMARK: National Bank of Denmark QATAR: Qatar Central Bank
EGYPT: Central Bank of Egypt RUSSIA: Bank of Russia
FIJI: Reserve Bank of Fiji SAUDI ARABIA: Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority
FINLAND: European Central Bank SEYCHELLES: Central Bank of Seychelles
FRANCE: European Central Bank SINGAPORE: Monetary Authority of Singapore
GEORGIA: National Bankof Georgia SLOVENIA: European Central Bank
GERMANY: European CentralBank SOUTH AFRICA: South African Reserve Bank
GHANA: Bank of Ghana SOUTH KOREA: Bank of Korea
GREECE: European Central Bank SPAIN: European Central Bank
GUINEA: Central Bank of the Rep. of Guinea SRI LANKA: Central Bank of Sri Lanka
HUNGARY: Central Bank of Hungary SWEDEN: The Riksbank
ICELAND: Central Bank of Iceland SWITZERLAND: Swiss National Bank
INDIA: Reserve Bank of India TAIWAN: Central Bank of the Rep. of China
INDONESIA: Bank Indonesia TAJIKISTAN: National Bank of Tajikistan
IRAN: CentralBank of Islamic Rep. of Iran THAILAND: Bank of Thailand
IRAQ: Central Bank of Iraq TURKEY: Central Bank of Republic of Turkey
IRELAND: European Central Bank TURKMENISTAN: Central Bank of Turkmenistan
ISRAEL: Bank of Israel UAE: Central Bank of United Arab Emirates
ITALY: European Central Bank UK: Bank of England
JAPAN: Bank of Japan USA: Federal Reserve
JORDAN: Central Bank of Jordan UZBEKISTAN: Central Bank of the Rep. of Uzbekistan
KAZAKHSTAN: National Bank of Kazakhstan VIETNAM: State Bank of Vietnam




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