Central and state governments are launching several insurance schemes and policies for humans. But animals also need insurance, especially livestock or cattle. These animals are not just pets. They are a source of income for their owners. Livestock like sheep offer milk, meat and wool, which fetch significant revenue for the owners. In that case, sheep owners must insure the lives of these animals. Rajasthan government has re-launched a unique scheme, named Avika Kavach Yojana that insures lives of sheep.

Key features of the scheme

♦ Development of sheep farmers – Rural sheep farmers are rather poor. They don’t have much at their disposal. Losing one or more sheep means a sizeable dent in their monthly income. With this sheep life insurance, these farmers can be rest assured that they will not incur huge loss.

♦ Safeguarding their investments – Market price of any cattle is high. Poor rural cattle owners face lots of hardships to arrange money for purchasing one sheep. If that sheep dies due to any disease, then cattle owner will be in deep trouble. This sheep insurance scheme will protect their investments.

♦ 100% insurance – Under this scheme, sheep owners will receive 100% insurance on each sheep.

♦ Number of units insured – It has been mentioned in the scheme draft that each farmers will be able to insure as many as ten units of sheep.

♦ Strength of each unit – Each unit of sheet must not consist of more than 10 animals. So, overall, each farmer will be able to insure 50 sheep.

♦  Premium for insurance – The sheep owner will have to pay a premium for this insurance. If the sheep owner travels with the animals for more than 80 km, then he will have to pay 0.85% more premium. If the owner and sheep have to travel for 25 km, then 1% of total amount insured needs to be paid by the cattleman.
Insurance amount in bank account – All financial transactions will be made via respective bank accounts. Thus, all applicants need to possess an active bank account in their name.


Eligibility for application


♦ Residential criterion – This insurance policy has been implemented by Rajasthan state government. Thus, only the legal residents of Rajasthan will be able to get the benefits of this project.

♦ Financial power – The scheme has been developed for those who belong to Below Poverty Line only.

♦ ST and SC candidates – Sheep farmers, belonging to ST and SC group will be able to apply for this insurance policy.

♦ Not for already insured sheep – In case the animals have already been insured under any government or private scheme, then those animals will not be considered for this project.

♦ Number of animals permitted for insurance – Any applicant can a maximum of 50 sheep under this unique project



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