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1. It is the ability of commercial banks to increase their deposits by expanding their loans and advances.
A. Capital Expansion
B. Capital Creation
C. Credit Expansion
D. Credit Creation

2. The first bank in India to obtain license for Internet Banking from Reserve Bank of India was
A. Oriental Bank of Commerce
B. State Bank India
C. Punjab National Bank
D. Syndicate Bank

3. To ght with raising ination RBI has to
A. Increase reserve ratios
B. Sell government securities
C. Increase bank rate
D. All of the above

4. One among the following is NOT a subsidiary of RBI and that is
A. National Housing Bank
C. Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Private Limited(BRBNMPL)
D. None of these

5. FATCA stands for
A. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act
B. Foreign Account Trade Company Act
C. Financial Account Tax Compliance Act
D. Fiscal Account Tax Compliance Act

6. The following index used as the key measure of ination in India
A. Interest rate that bank oers
on the deposits
B. Wholesale Price Index(WPI)
C. Consumer Price Index(CPI)
D. Sensex and Nifty

7. R stands for _______ in CDR.
A. Ratio
B. Restructuring
C. Reserve
D. Regulation

8. SARFAESI Act 2002 is mainly related to _________
A. Regulation of foreign exchange
B. Fixation of interest rates
C. Recovery of bad loans
D. Acquisition of small banks

9. Decrease of the bank rate by RBI leads to ________.
A. Mobilization of more deposits by commercial banks
B. Less liquidity in the market
C. More liquidity in the market
D. No change in the liquidity in the market

10. Which of the following is or are the right(s) of a customer towards his banker?
A. To sue the banker for not maintaining the secrecy of his account
B. To receive a statement of his account from a banker
C. To sue the bank for any loss and damages
D. All mentioned above


1)D. Credit Creation
2)C. Punjab National Bank
3)D. All of the above
4)D. None of these
5)A. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act
6)C. Consumer Price Index(CPI)
7)B. Restructuring
8)C. Recovery of bad loans
9)C. More liquidity in the market
10)D. All mentioned above



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