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1. Cash kept in the currency chest is owned by?
A. Currency Chest branch bank
B. State Bank of India
C. Central Government
D. Reserve Bank of India

2. What is the minimum amount of deposit into/withdrawal from currency chest?
A. Rs.1,00,000
B. Rs.1,50,000
C. Rs.2,00,000
D. Rs.3,00,000

3. When more than one bank is allowing credit facilities to one party in coordination with
each other under a formal arrangement, the arrangement is generally known as___________
A. Consortium
B. Syndication
C. Multiple Banking
D. Participation

4. What is the maximum period for which a term deposit can be normally opened?
A. 8 years
B. 7 years
C. 9 years
D. 10 years

5. _________ are safer than Post Oce Schemes as that are covered by the Deposit Insurance
and Credit Guarantee Corporation(DICGC)
A. Fixed Deposit
B. Demand Deposit
C. Flexi-Fixed Deposit
D. All of the Above

6. DICGC guarantees amount up to _____________ per depositor per bank.
A. Rs.1,00,000
B. Rs.1,50,000
C. Rs.2,00,000
D. Rs.3,00,000

7. Which of the following institutions do not hold a banking license?
A. Small Banks
B. Foreign Banks
C. Commercial Banks

8. What is the full form of FATCA?
A. Forex Account Tax Compliance Act
B. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act
C. Forex Account Total Compliance Act
D. Foreign Account Total Compliance Act

9. What is the minimum initial deposit required for opening a Basic Savings Bank Deposit
A. 500
B. 1000
C. 100
D. No initial deposit

10. Who among the following decides the volume and value of bank notes to be printed in
C. Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India
D. All of the Above



1)D. Reserve Bank of India
2)A. Rs.1,00,000
3)A. Consortium
4)D. 10 years
5)A. Fixed Deposit
6)A. Rs.1,00,000
7)D. NBFCs
8)B. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act
9)D. No initial deposit
10)A. RBI



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