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Q1. On which of the following date, RBI was established ?
A]22nd April, 1934
B]1st August, 1935
C]1st April, 1935
D]22nd August, 1934
E]1st July, 1935

Q2.RBI provides the Ways and Means Advances to whom ?
A]Central Government
B]State Government
C]Commercial Banks
D]All of these
E]None of these

Q3.Who was the first Indian Governor of RBI ?
A]Kuldeep Pathak
B]Dr. Rajyavardhan Sharma
C]Sir Mukund Khanna
D]Sir C.D. Deshmukh
E]None of them

Q4.Which is not a function of RBI ?
A]Holding cash reserves of all commercial banks and make available financial accommodation to them
B]Assuming responsibility of all banking operations of the government
C]Assuming the responsibility of the statistical analysis of data related to macro economy of India
D]Assuming the responsibility to meet directly or indirectly all reasonable demands for the accommodation.
E]None of these

Q5.Which of the following statements is/are not true ?
A]RBI is the Bank of Issue.
B]RBI acts as the Banker of the Government.
C]RBI is known as the Banker’s Bank.
D]RBI does not regulate the credit flow.
E]All are true

Q6.The Government picked up the entire Share of SBI held by the RBI according to which of the following guidelines ?
A]Securities Commission
C]National Stock Exchange of India
D]Financial Regulations
E]None of these

Q7.Which of the followong Governors of RBI also served as the Finance Minister of India ?
A]Pranav Mukherjee
B]Amitabha Ghosh
C]Sir Benegal Rama Rau
D]Dr. Manmohan Singh
E]None of them

Q8.In which of the following cities, the regional head quarters of RBI is not situated ?
A]New Delhi

Q9.Which of the following institutes is/are established by RBI ?
A]Indira Gandhi Institute for Development Research (IGIDR)
B]Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology, Hyderabad (IDRBT)
C]National Institute of Bank Management (NIBM)
D]Only A and C
E]All of these

Q10.Which of the following works as the agent of RBI while it has no own offices ?
D]Ministry of Finance
E]None of these


1)C]1st April, 1935
2)B]State Government
3)D]Sir C.D. Deshmukh
4)C]Assuming the responsibility of the statistical analysis of data related to macro economy of India
5)D]RBI does not regulate the credit flow.
7)D]Dr. Manmohan Singh
9)E]All of these



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