Banking Awareness quiz : set 06

In order to aid your exam preparation, we are presenting a ‘Banking Awareness Quiz’ that you can score well in this section.


Q1. India’s First bank launched ‘talking’ ATM for visually and physically challenged people- ________.
1. Bank of India
2. City Union Bank
3. Union Bank of India
5. Bank of Baroda

Q2. The oldest public bank in India is ________.
1. Bank of India
2. State Bank of India
3. Bank of Hindustan
4. Allahabad Bank
5. Oudh Commercial Bank

Q3. First Bank managed by Indians – ________.
1. Oudh Commercial Bank
2. Punjab National Bank
3. State Bank of India
4. Bank of Hindustan
5. Allahabad Bank

Q4. __________ Bank is the First Indian Commercial bank which completely controlled and owned by Indian called as ‘First Swadeshi Bank”.
1. State Bank of India
2. Union Bank of India
3. Central Bank of India
4. Bank of India
5. Indian Bank

Q5. First Bank introduced the Point of Sales Terminal (POS) is ________.
1.Bank of Baroda
2. Indian Bank
3. City Union Bank
4. Indian Bank
5. Union Bank of India

Q6. In 2010, ICICI bank acquired which of the following private sector bank ?
1.Bank of Rajasthan
2.Bank of Punjab
3.Bank of Haryana
4.Bank of Sikkim
5.None of these

Q7. Five associate banks and Bharatiya Mahila Bank(BMB) were merged with SBI effect from ________.
1.April 1, 2017
2.February 15, 2017
3.March 20, 2017
4.January 1, 2017
5.None of these

Q8. United Western Bank (UWB) was acquired by IDBI in which year ?
5.None of these

Q9. ICICI bank acquired Bank of Madura was headquartered in which city of India ?
3.New Delhi
5.None of these

Q10. The Hindustan Commercial bank had acquired by ________ in the year 1986.
1. Bank of India
2. Punjab National Bank
3. Canara Bank
4. Federal Bank
5. None of these


1. 3. Union Bank of India6. 1. Bank of Rajasthan
2. 2. State Bank of India7. 1. April 1, 2017
3. 1. Oudh Commercial Bank8. 1. 2006
4. 3. Central Bank of India9. 4. Madurai
5. 5. Union Bank of India10. 2. Punjab National Bank

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