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In order to aid your exam preparation, we are presenting a ‘Banking Awareness Quiz’ that you can score well in this section.

Q1. _________ became India’s first all woman bank.
1. Dhanlaxmi Bank
2. Lakshmi Vilas Bank
3. Suryodaya Finance Bank
4. Bharatiya Mahila Bank
5. Utkarsh Finance Bank

Q2. First Rural Bank has introduced co-branded ATM card is _______.
1.Prathama Grameen Bank
2.Pallava Grama Bank
3. Deccan Grameena Bank
4. Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank
5. Andhra Pragadhi Grameena Bank

Q3. India’s first bank fully computerized is ______.
1. Indian Overseas Bank
2. Union Bank of India
3. Bank of India
4. Punjab National Bank
5. State Bank of India

Q4. _________Bank has introduced the first Credit Card in India.
1.Union Bank of India
2. UTI Bank
3. Axis Bank
4. Central Bank of India
5. Bank of India

Q5. _________ Bank has started first Mobile ATM service in India.
2.ICICI Bank
3. Indian Overseas Bank
4. Axis Bank
5. Bank of India


Q6. Which committee recommended the merger of large Indian banks to make them strong ?
1.Narasimham -I Committee
2.A C Shah Committee
3.A Ghosh Committee
4.Narasimham -II Committee
5.None of these

Q7. The Nainital Bank Limited (NTB) is a subsidiary of __________.
1.Bank of Baroda
2.HDFC Bank
3.Union Bank of India
5.None of these

Q8. In 2004, Oriental Bank of Commerce had acquired Global Trust Bank(GTB) of _____________.
5.None of these


Q9. Headquarters of Fino Payments Bank Limited is __________.
1. Kochi
2. New Delhi
3. Bangalore
4. Mangalore
5. Mumbai


Q10. How much of minimum capital requirement needs to hold initially for payment bank?
1. 10 crore
2. 25 crore
3. 50 crore
4. 100 crore
5. 125 crore


1. 4. Bharatiya Mahila Bank 6. 4. Narasimham -II Committee
2. 2. Pallava Grama Bank 7. 1. Bank of Baroda
3. 3. Bank of India 8. 3. Secunderabad
4. 4. Central Bank of India 9. 5. Mumbai
5. 2. ICICI Bank 10. 4. 100 crore


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