Q1. India’s first indigenous payment gateway is ?
1.India Payment
2.India Pay
3.India Expenditure
4.India Challan
5.None of these

Q2. The instrument which provides proprietary interest in company and which entitles a person to
dividend on profits is called ?
5.None of these

Q3. (Which of the following don not attract Tax Deduction at Source (TDS ) ?
1.Fixed Deposits
2.Reinvestment Deposit
3.Recurring Deposit

Q4. Which of the following provides a proper definition of Mutual Fund ?
1.These Members want to invest in financial instrument
2.They want to invest in financial instrument assets of business sector
3.It is an association of members of public
4.All of the above
5.None of the above

Q5. Which of the following bank was not Nationalized during the first phase of Bank Nationalization in 1969 ?
1.Punjab National Bank
2.Bank of India
3.Union Bank of India
4.Bank of Baroda
5/Oriental Bank of Commerce

Q6. Which of the following is a type of anticipatory letter of credit ?
1.Yellow Clause letter of credit
2.Green Clause letter of credit
3.Revolving letter of credit
4.Back to Back letter of credit
5.None of these


Q7. During the first round of Bank Nationalized in 1969, Fourteen major banks were nationalized
 with liability base of ________?
1.Rs 10 Crore
2.Rs 20 Crore
3.Rs 50 Crore
4.Rs 100 Crore
5.None of these

Q8. .National Stock Exchange (NSE) has launched countries first dedicated debt trading platform. Which of the following is/ are the functions of the debt trading platform ?
A. The debt trading platform is supposed to provide retail investors an opportunity to invest in corporate bonds on a liquid and transparent exchange platform
B. Bank and primary dealers are the first to enter and they will provide enough liquidity in the debt segment
C. The mutual funds, insurance companies and pension funds are also expected to participate after guidelines for the same are issued by SEBI
1.Only A
2.Only B
3.Only C
4.All of the Above
5.None of these

Q9. Banking Ombudsman_____________?
1.Fixed the rates of interest for loans
2.Is in charge of bank loans for buses
3.Issues licences for new bank branches
4.Resolves complaints of banks.
5.None of these

Q10. Which committee launched the process of reforms of Financial system in India ?
1.Nariman Committee
2.Khanna Committee
3.Gadgil Committee
4.Narishimham Committee
5.None of these



1)India Pay


3)Recurring Deposit

4)All of the above

5)Oriental Bank of Commerce

6) Green Clause letter of credit

7) Rs 50 Crore

8)All of the Above

9).None of these

10) Narishimham Committee



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