1.  IPO, what do you mean by “P”?
a) Provisions
b) Public
c) Private
d) Prudent
e) Pension

2.  AMFI, what do you mean by “M”?
a) Mutual
b) money
c) Managing
d) Miscellaneous
e) none of the above

3. The money market in our country has been divided into organized sector and unorganized sector and which among the following do not fall under the unorganized sector category?
a) Reserve Bank of India
b) All commercial banks including SBI group, nationalized banks, foreign banks
c) Life Insurance Corporation of India
d) Indigenous banks
e) General Insurance Corporation of India

4. Which of the following is included in bancassurance?
a) Insurance policies issued by the banks in their names
b) Selling by a bank the insurance policies of its ancillary insurance company
c) Selling by a bank the insurance policies of any insurance company
d) All the above
e) None of the above

5. When it comes to scheduled commercial banks, which out of the following is not true?
a) Nationalised banks
b) Regional Rural banks
c) Foreign banks
d) Private sector banks
e) Local area banks

6. Which amongst the following is called as mother of deposits?
a) Current account
b) fixed deposit
c) recurring deposit
d) savings bank
e) reinvestment deposit

7. Which amongst the following is not term deposits issued by commercial banks?
a) Current account
b) Fixed deposit
c) Recurring deposit
d) Reinvestment deposit
e) all the above

8. What do you mean by money laundering?
a) Washing the currency notes in a good laundery
b) converting money obtained through illegal sources in to legal money
c) keeping the money in currency chests
d) sending excess cash to the other branch
e) none of the above

9. Reserve Bank of India was established on 1st April, ______in accordance with the provisions of Reserve Bank of India act_________
a) 1935 – 1934
b) 1934-1935
c) 1935-1936
d) 1937-1938
e) all the above

10. To control inflationary situation in the economy, RBI can increase one or more of these monetary tool?
a)Crr-Slr-Bank Rate
b) Slr-Crr-Base Rate
c) Crr-Slr-Repo Rate
d) Crr-Slr-Reverse Repo Rate
e) Crr-Slr-Benchmarking Plr.





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