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Q1. IFRS stands for________.
a) International Financial Reporting Standards
b) Indian Financial Rating Standards
c) International Financial Rating Standards
d) Indian Functional Reporting Standards
e) None of these

Q2. Which of the following terms is used in the field of finance and banking?
a) Guage Pressure
b) Quantum number
c) Adjustment Credit
d) Absolute Zero
e) Single bond

Q3. Find the odd man out when it comes to sanctioning of loans to a customer?
a) Borrowing
b) lending
c) advancing
d) procuring
e) extending credit

Q4. The returned non resident Indians are permitted to open the following accounts:
a) Non resident external account
b) Non resident ordinary account
c) RFC account
d) FCNR account
e) none of the above

Q5. SBI Day is observed on _________
a) April 1
b) May 1
c) June 5
d) July 1
e) None of these

Q6. Which of the following is a financial ratio that gives a measure of a company’s ability to meet its financial losses?
a) Cash Reverse Ratio
b) Leverage Ratio
c) Statutory Liquidity Ratio
d) Loan-to- Value Ratio
e) None of these

Q7. RBI known as lender of last restore because:
a) It has to meet the credit need to citizens to whom no one else is willing to lend
b) Banks lend to go to RBI as a last restore
c) It comes to help banks in times of crisis
d) All of the above
e) None of these

Q8. The seed capital of Bharatiya Mahila Bank is ________
a) Rs.5000 crore
b) Rs.1000 crore
c) Rs.500 crore
d) Rs.100 crore
e) None of the above

Q9. What is the maturity period for senior citizen savings scheme?
a) 3 years
b) 5 years
c) 2 years
d) 7 years
e) 4 years

Q10. Which of the following can be categories as a Merchant Banking service?
a) Consultancy on finance to a company
b) Advance in capital structure
c) Managing mergers
d) Helping in finalizing take over
e) All the above



1) a) International Financial Reporting Standards

2)c) Adjustment Credit

3)d) procuring

4) c) RFC account

5)d) July 1

6) b) Leverage Ratio

7)c) It comes to help banks in times of crisis

8)b) Rs.1000 crore

9)b) 5 years

10)e) All the above



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