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Q1.KYC policy has been actually innovated by
(a) Fed Reserve of USA
(b) Basel committee
(c) RBI
(d) GOI, Ministry of Finance
(e) None of these

Q2.What is the maximum period for which domestic term deposits are normally accepted by banks in our country?
(A) 3 years
(B) 5 years
(C) 7 years
(D) 10 years
(E) 12 years

Q3.FD in a commercial bank can be done for a maximum period of
(a) 15 yrs
(b) 25 yrs
(c) 10 yrs
(d) No limit
(e) None of these

Q4.When a banker talks about CDR, what is he talking about?
(A) Corporate Debt Restructuring
(B) Corporate Debt Rollover
(C) Company Debt Rollover
(D) Corporate Deposit Restructuring
(E) Company Deposit Restructuring

Q5, A scheduled bank must be
(a) A corporative or company incorporated by any law in force in any place in India
(b) An institution notified by GOI
(c) A company as defined by companies act, 2013
(d) All of the above
(e) None of these

Q6. As per section 16 of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949 a person can be appointed as a director of how many banking companies?
a) Three
b) Two
c) One
d) Four
e) None of these

Q7.  C.R.A. is banking parlance stands for?
a) Credit Rating Association
b) Credit Rating Agency
c) Credit Risk Assessment
d) Credit Risk Agency
e) None of these

Q8.  The rate of which discounting the bills of first class banks is done by RBI is  called?
a) Bank Rate
b) Prime Lending Rate
c) Loan Rate
d) Discounting Rate
e) None of these

Q9. The first development financial institution in India that has got merged with a bank is?

d) UTI
e) None of these

Q10. Arbitrage is?
a) Buying and selling in two markets simultaneously
b) A rate of interest
c) A Fee
d) Arbitrage is a dispute
e) None of these



1)(b) Basel committee

2)(D) 10 years

3)(c) 10 yrs

4)(A) Corporate Debt Restructuring

5)(d) All of the above

6)c) One

7)c) Credit Risk Assessment

8)- Bank Rate

9)b) ICICI

10)a) Buying and selling in two markets simultaneously



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