1. The Deposit Insurance Credit Guarantee Scheme was formed on ______?
(a) July 1, 1975
(b) January 1, 1952
(c) January 1, 1962
(d) January 1, 1991

(e) None of the above

2. At present, the maximum interest a bank offers on Saving bank account is ______?
(a) 3.50%
(b) 5%
(c) 7%
(d) As per bank policy, as the Interest rate on Savings account is deregulated
(e) None of the above

3. Who pays commission to banks for conducting Government business?
(a) Government of India
(b) State Government
(c) RBI
(d) Central and State Governments
(e) None of the above

4. We can open a saving bank account in the sole name of a minor if he completes age of _____?
(a) 6
(b) 10
(c) 18
(d) 21
(e) None of the above

5. The Lead Bank Scheme was introduced in the year _____?
(a) 1968
(b) 1969
(c) 1974
(d) 1976
(e) None of the above

6. The Lead Bank Scheme was introduced on the basis of recommendations of _____?
(a) Reserve Bank
(c) Study group appointed by National Credit Council under the chairmanship of Prof. D. R. Gadgil
(e) None of the above

7. The currency notes issued by Reserve Bank of India are under the signature of _____?
(a) President of India
(b) Dy. Governor
(c) Governor
(d) Secretary, Finance Ministry
(e) None of the above

8. The term “Bancassurance” means ______?
(a) Assurance of quality services by the Bank
(b) Selling of Insurance products by Banks
(c) Selling of Third party Mutual Funds Products
(d) Selling of Add-on Banking Services
(e) Selling of Credit Cards

9. Banks are increasingly selling Insurance products mainly due to _____?
(a) It helps in increase in deposits of a bank
(b) It helps in growing Loan portfolio of a bank
(c) It helps increase commission income of a bank
(d) It diversify the risk of a Bank
(e) Bank have taken over Insurance companies

10. A “Debit Card” is issued by a bank to _____?
(a) All customers of a Bank
(b) All customers having Saving bank account with a bank
(c) All customers having loan account with a Bank
(d) A Bank customer who is Income Tax assesee
(e) All Corporate Salary account holder


1. C
2. D
3. C
4. B
5. B
6. C
7. C
8. B
9. C

10. B



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