7 Best Universities for Economics in 2020

The economic direction in education is extremely popular among today’s youth. Economic education is one of the most demanded in the whole world. However, choosing a suitable university can be very difficult and therefore we decided to help you. We have prepared for you a review of the best economic universities, in which we are going to tell in detail why they are the best and why it is worth enrolling in them. Read on to find out more!

  1. Harvard University

It is not surprising that this particular institution is at the top of the list. Seven American presidents and many other outstanding people studied there. When receiving an economic education at this university, young people get acquainted with basic and at the same time important issues such as macro and microeconomics, economic law, finance, and banking, as well as the basics of management, are supported by quantitative methods in economics, that is, mathematics, statistics, computer science. Major topics include econometrics, economic forecasting, marketing, and public finance. Depending on the chosen specialization, students have the opportunity to study finance and accounting, as well as issues and various aspects of international cooperation. During your studies, you can also actively expand your knowledge in the context of research clubs, conferences, and student exchanges, it is also a valuable life experience.

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  1. University of Chicago

It was here that the direction in economics called the “Chicago School” was born: a macroeconomic approach to the analysis of markets. It specializes in training senior management personnel for government and big business. Graduates will be in demand in federal and regional departments since the university practically fulfills the state order. There are both budget and commercial places. While studying at this university, you will receive high-quality and practical skills.

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the few universities in America that was quickly talked about in the world scientific community. From the day of its foundation, honored professors of economic sciences with a Ph.D. teach there. The teaching staff are actively involved in scientific activities and often represent American science at international conferences, and the results of the most important research conducted by them within the walls of the School are published in international scientific journals.

  1. University of California-Berkeley

The University of California-Berkeley is a top-level accredited public higher education institution, considered one of the oldest in the United States. Unlike all other universities, the University of California-Berkeley is characterized by the training of only 3,000 students, which is associated with a relatively small area allotted for educational buildings. But despite this seemingly insignificant drawback, the University of California-Berkeley has firmly secured its leading position in the lists of the best universities in the world.

  1. Princeton University

Applicants can choose to study in the following profiles: “Economics”, “Joint Program in Economics”, “Economics and Statistics”. Graduates of general education institution become certified specialists after 4 years of full-time study. The number of points for the free program is quite high, but if you try hard, you can apply. Some specialties do not provide for budget places. Students are trained according to programs of international standards. They study not only economics, but political and social spheres, so that, after receiving a diploma, they become not just a high-class specialist, but also understand all aspects of our life and bring tangible benefits to the country. Documents are submitted in two ways: either in person or by mail.

  1. Columbia University

This university is part of the Ivy League. Students will receive lectures and practical classes from leading subject experts, businessmen, analysts from major banks and companies, foreign professors. Economics graduates are welcome contributors to American, foreign, and multinational corporations. Employers are already looking for worthy candidates in 3-4 courses, offering internships and participation in interesting projects.

  1. Stanford University

It is one of the oldest economics departments in the world. Stanford University graduates also do not experience problems finding a job – their education is highly valued in the field of business in our country and abroad. According to the information of the university, the personnel trained by them are the elite in the labor market. They pursue careers in international and government structures and major national companies.

Summing up

Economic education equals money, and money equals a good life. Choosing an economic education is investing in the future. So, do not waste time and apply to one of the universities on our list.



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