Blood Relation Quiz For Upcoming Exams Answers

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Q21. Option C

In all the questions (-) denotes male; (+) denotes female

P – M + N x Q

P is the maternal uncle of Q.


Q22. Option D


Hence, F is the mother of K.


Directions (23-25):


Q23. Option A

N is the son of G


Q24. Option B

Q is the mother of M


Q25. Option D

U is the brother-in-law of N


Direction (26-30):

Q26. Option A

J÷P% H ? T % L

According to the direction A×B means A is the sister of B,

B is the brother of A.

So, × is replaced to ?


Q27. Option B

L + R $ D + M × T

According to the direction D + M means D is the father of M.

So, M is the daughter/ son of D


Q28. Option  B

K is the son-in-law of I is true

I + T % J × L ÷ K

I is the father of T

T is the mother of J

J is the sister of L

L is the son K


Q29 Option D

W $ X+ L+Y + T


Q30 Option D

R % T × P $ Q + V