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1.Pointing towards a photograph, Devika said, “She is the only daughter of my grandfather’s son.” How is photograph related to Devika?
A) Daughter
B) Sister
C) Cousin
D) Aunt
E) Can’t be determined

Question (2 to 5)

Directions : Kindly study the following information carefully and answer the question that follows:

In a combined family Mayank and Suresh are brothers. Both have one – one son and daughter each. Further information of their family is given below:
Amar is brother-in-law of Munesh and husband of Amal’s mother.
Munesh is unmarried son of Mayank.
Vaishnavi’s father, Vikram is son of Seema who is mother-in-law of Sakshi.
Mainak’s grandmother, Kavita is mother-in-law of Amar. 
Madhuri and Munesh are children of Mayank and Vikram and Tanuja are their cousins.
Sakshi has two daughters and Madhuri have two sons. Juhi and Vaishnavi are siblings.

2. How does Vaishanvi relate to Suresh?

E.None of these

3. Who among the following is the father of Vaishnavi?

E.None of these

4.How is Mainak related to Seema?
A.Son of brother in law
B.Cousin of sister in law
C.Grandson’s cousin
D.Grandson of brother in law
E.None of these

Directions (5-7): Study the information carefully and answer the questions given below.

X who is sister of O. L who is daughter of B and wife of Z. B and J are kids of Q and W who has only one son and one daughter.
J is married to P who is father of O and has only one daughter. S , who is father in law of A is uncle of J. Q ,who is father in law of P. A is wife of D.

5.How is X related to B?

A) Aunt
B) Uncle
C) Nephew
D) Niece
E. Daughter

6.How is W related to P?

A) Father
B) Mother
C) Mother- in- law
D) Father-in-law
E) None of these.

7.What is the relation of S with respect to B?

A) Uncle
B) Father
C) Mother
D) Can’t be determined
E) None of these.

8. If A + B means A is the mother of B; A – B means A is the brother B; A % B means A is the father of B and A x B means A is the sister of B, which of the following shows that P is the maternal uncle of Q?

a)      Q – N + M x P

b)      P + S x N – Q

c)      P – M + N x Q

d)      Q – S % P

e)      None of these

9. If P5Q means P is the father of Q; P9Q means P is the sister of Q; P4Q means P is the brother of Q; P3Q means P is the wife of Q, which of the following means F is the mother of K?

a)      F5M3K

b)      F9M4N3K

c)      F3M5N3K

d)      F3M5K

e)      None of these

Directions (Q. 10-12): M is the grandson of G. D is husband of G. K is married to the son of S. T have two children of different gender. E is the daughter of K’s brother. N is brother-in-law of the son of S. G has one only one child. D is the father of N.

10. How N is related to G?

a)      Son

b)      Son -in- law

c)      Grandson

d)      Brother

e)      Father

11. If Q is married to N, then how is Q related to M?

a)      Father

b)      Mother

c)      Sister

d)      Grandmother

e)      Cannot be determined

12. If U is the son of T, then how is U related to N?

a)      Brother

b)      Uncle

c)      Cousin

d)      Brother-in-law

e)      Data inadequate


Direction (Q. 13-17): Read the information carefully and answer the following questions.

If A+ B means A is the father of B

If A× B means A is the sister of B

If A$ B means A is the wife of B

If A% B means A is the mother of B

If A÷B means A is the son of B

13. What should come in place of question mark (?), to establish that J is the brother of T in the expression? J÷P% H ? T % L

a)      ×

b)      ÷

c)      $

d)      Either ÷ or ×

e)      Either ÷ or +

14. Which among the given expression indicate that M is the daughter of D?

a)      L % R $ D + T×M

b)      L + R $ D + M × T

c)      L % R % D + T ÷ M

d)      D + L $ R + M×T

e)      L $ D ÷ R % M ÷T

15. Which among the following options is true if the expression ‘I + T % J × L ‚ K’ is definitely true?

a)      L is the daughter of T

b)      K is the son-in-law of I

c)      I is the grandmother of L

d)      T is the father of J

e)      J is the brother of L

16. Which among the following expression is true if Y is the son of X is definitely false?

a)      W % L×T×Y÷X

b)      W + L× T ×Y÷X

c)      X + L× T×Y÷W

d)      W $ X+ L+Y+T

e)      W % X× T×Y ÷ L

17. What should come in place of question mark (?), to establish that T is the sister-in-law of Q in the expression? R % T × P ? Q + V

a)      ÷

b)      %

c)      ×

d)      $

e)      Either $ or ×

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