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Cheap essays for sale: pros and cons

“To buy or not to buy?” can be transformed into “To pay more money or to pay less money” if we talk about purchasing academic papers. This eternal rhetoric question can give you no less hard times than a complex assignment. Why can the decision to save money or pay more for your essay be that troublesome?

First and foremost, you can be afraid of getting into a fraud’s hands and send your money to someone who will never deliver you the requested service. Secondly, you can be scared to receive a writing piece of poor quality or even an unoriginal paper, meaning you’ll be accused of plagiarism. Finally, you can feel anxious that anyone (especially your teacher) will find out you’ve used someone else’s help, which can undermine your reputation and even lead to expulsion from your high school, college, or university.

Yet, when the deadline becomes closer and closer, you can turn a blind eye to all those fears, forget about any precautions, and start looking for cheap help with your paper. To keep you away from potential issues, let’s consider the pros and cons of inexpensive essays for sale. Additionally, you can see a short checklist that will streamline your navigation in the world of academic writing services.

Pros of buying cheap essays

Not to mention the most obvious one—saving money—cheap papers give you a number of other advantages:

  1. Time-saving. While someone is preparing an essay for you, you can either focus on your major or just relax and have a good time with your family or friends.

  2. Original content. Asking someone to help with your assignment for cheap means you will not only spare some time for things that matter. You also will get a unique piece of writing, free from plagiarism.

  3. Properly structured and formatted paper. Even if you don’t know or can’t understand what APA, MLA, Turabian/Chicago mean, an experienced writer does. When ordering a paper from him or her, you will get a well-crafted essay, following the requirements of a specific formatting style. Thus, you will be able to use such an assignment as a guide for your own writing and for citing sources.

  4. Free revisions and superior quality as a result. If you are afraid that no one will edit the paper you’ve ordered, you can change your mind with a professional writing service. Even if your essay is cheap, such companies usually guarantee that they will revise it as many times as needed to keep you fully satisfied.

  5. Full confidentiality. When you find a reliable paper writing service, you can rest assured that they will take care of your privacy. This means no one will ever find out you’ve used assistance with your essay.

Cons of buying cheap essays

Despite all the benefits you can reap from getting expert help with your paper, there are some pitfalls you may come across:

  1. You can still find a non-credible company. This can be an essay bank with lots of pre-written papers. Also, this can be a service that has recently appeared on the market and can let you down in terms of quality or deadlines. We will tell you how to define and avoid such companies in order not to undermine your academic reputation later on in this article.

  2. Your paper can be plagiarized. This point comes straight out of the previous one, as you might have already noticed. Insecure essay banks cannot guarantee that your sample was or will be never downloaded by anyone but you. Thus, it simply can not pass a plagiarism check and may lead not only to a low grade but even to expulsion in some cases.

  3. You can not receive your essay on time. This can be a result of a service being new, which doesn’t have much experience yet. And you don’t want to miss deadlines, do you? Below, we’ll share how to safeguard yourself and choose a company you can entrust your paper to.

Checklist on how to choose a cheap and reliable writing service

The question of price is very subjective indeed: what’s affordable for one person can be too expensive for another. Yet, we recommend you to monitor the market of academic writing to find out the industry average. This will both secure you from being deceived by a dishonest service and will allow you to not spend your monthly budget on a single paper.

Here are some tips on how to find the best quality/price ratio among essay writing services:

  • Time on the market. Check for how long the company has existed. It’s a good sign if they support their claims about professionalism. Opt for those that have at least 5 years of experience. They are more reliable compared to those which have emerged a year ago.

  • Guarantees. This list should include original papers, full privacy, free revisions, and the possibility to get a refund if you don’t like something about your paper.

  • Professional writers. Normally, there should be native speakers among them, but those who have a good command of English and a deep knowledge of a specific discipline are good as well. Additionally, pay attention to how a company hires new writers: in a perfect world, they should pass multiple tests before being given a job.

  • Timely delivery. Obviously, this is crucial for meeting your deadline.

  • Customer reviews. They can tell you more than a thousand beautiful words. Always check them before placing your order.

  • Samples. This will help you understand if you like the way writers complete essays and other types of papers.

  • 24/7 support. Sometimes, you may need to contact a company urgently. A good writing service understands this and usually makes everything possible to stay connected with you whenever necessary.

Now that you know all the specifics of ordering cheap essays, we hope you’ll never get into trouble by using a dishonest business. From our side, we are always there to offer you professional writing help at a reasonable price.



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