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Directions(1-5): Study the information and answer the given question.
In a certain code language ‘prep ate for your exams’ is written as, ‘xn nt oz wl’
‘hard work for prepare’ is written as, ‘nt ml oz tk’
‘prepare your studies well’ is written as, ‘sd jk nt xn’
‘work well best results’ is written as, ‘ds lu jk ml’

1.) What is the code for ‘best’ in the given code language?

1) lu
2) ml
3) sd
4) ds
5) Either ds or lu

2.) In the given code language ‘nt’ is the code of which word?
1) prepare
2) your
3) hard
4) work
5) exam

3.) What may be the code for ‘exams are hard’ in the given code language?
1) wl ml tk
2) zr tk ko
3) wl xn tk
4) tk zr wl
5) ko wl xn

4.) What is the code for ‘studies for’ in the given code language?
1) ds sd
2)  jk sd
3) jk xn
4) oz jc
5) oz sd

5.) What is the code for ‘well’ in the given code language?
1) xn
2) nt
3) wl
4) jk
5) ml

Directions (6-10): Study the following information to answer the given questions.

In a certain code language ‘some experts always give right advice’ is written as ‘fa do me re sa la’,
‘advice always very good’ is written as ‘cha re fa ta’,
‘seniors always give suggestion’ is written as ‘ma la hpo fa’,
‘experts person are good’ is written as ‘clip cha sa den’, and
‘seniors are very right’ is written as ‘ta hpo clip do’.

6. What is the code for ‘advice’?
1) fa
2) do
3) me
4) re
5) either ‘fa’ or ‘re’

7. What does ‘ta’ stand for?
1) right
2) are
3) very
4) advice
5) Can’t be determined

8. Which of the following is code for ‘some suggestions are good’?
1) le sa cha ma
2) fa sa cip me
3) ma me clip cha
4) cha cip ta do
5) None of these

9. Which of the following may represent ‘experts are very decesive’?
1) fa sa cha hpo
2) cip ta sa ja
3) cha cip sa la
4) sa ta clip mi
5) None of these

10.  ‘do fa den clip’ could be a code for which of the following?
1) person are always right
2) right person are expert
3) experts are always advice
4) advice are always good
5) None of these



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