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Direction (1-5): Study the information below and answer the following
question: In a certain code language,
‘Attend class daily good’ is written as 9$5, 24%9, 3$6, 24*3
‘Begin great any matter’ is written as 3&3, 8$9, 10*15, 14$4
‘Less error and fire’ is written as 10$7, 23%8, 9%14, 24&3
‘Tool better than screw’ is written as 16%22, 5$21, 10*4, 14%22
1). The code for the word ‘ great’
a)  3&3
b)  8$9
c)  10*15
d)  14$4
e)  None of these

2). The code word ‘10$7’ for the word
a)  Less
b)  Error
c)  And
d)  Fire
e)  None of these

3). According to the given code what will be the code for the word ‘Burst’?
a)  8*2
b)  6$2
c)  8$4
d)  6#4
e)  None of these

4). According to the given code, what is the code for ‘Person’?
a)  12*16
b)  14*18
c)  12$16
d)  16#18
e)  None of these

5). By using the given code word, find the code word for ‘Behave well after school’?
a)  14*19, 8$5, 18%23, 21*6
b)  18*21, 12$3, 18%22, 23*5
c)  15*19, 8$6, 14%27, 21*4
d)  16*21, 10$3, 16%25, 23*4
e)  18*23, 10$4, 16%27, 21*4

Directions (Q. 6-10): Study the following information carefully and
answer the given questions
In a certain code language
” Making the working place ”  is written as “%U20, &N13, #X23 , !Q16.
” Make clear difference between ” is written as  “$E04,  *D03, %N13, @C02 .
“sLove your job even ” is written as “#F05, !K10, &M12, %Z25 .
” Less emphasis on team ” is written as ” *F05 , @P15,  #M12, !U20.

6). What is the code for ‘difference’ in the given code language?
a)  *D03
b)  %N13
c)  $E04
d)  @C02
e)  None of these

7). What is the possible for ‘*D03, !K10’ in the given code language?
a)  clear job
b)  make even
c)  difference love
d)  even between
e)  None of these

8). What may be the possible word for ‘@C02, #X23, !U20 ’ in the given code language?
a)  making clear job
b)  love the team
c)  less place difference
d)  working between team
e)  None of these

9). What may be the possible code for ‘make emphasis’ in the given code language?
a)  #X23, @P15
b)  !Q16, @P15
c)  #X23, #M12
d)  %U20, !U20
e)  %N13, *F05

10). What is the code for ‘solve tough puzzle’ in
the given code language?
a)  #R18,&P22, %S20
b)  #Q16,&U20, %T19
c)  #S14,&T18, %P21
d)  #M10,&O15, %T17
e)  None of these




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