Make and Do.

(a) Make
Don’t say: The carpenter did a large table.
Say The carpenter made a large table.

(b) Do
Don’t say: You must make your work carefully.
Say: You must do your work carefully.

“To make” primarily means to construct or manufacture something, while “to do” mean to accomplish a thing.

Note: Common exceptions with make and do:
(a) To make a mistake, to make a promise, to make a speech, to make an excuse, to make haste, to make fun of, to make progress, to make a noise, to make a bed(= to prepare the bed for sleeping on)
(b) To do good, to do evil, to do your best, to do your duty, to do someone a favour, to do wrong, to do a puzzle, to do business, to do away with, to do gymnastics, to do exercises.



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