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Principal Definition and Examples

The word “principal” has a few meanings. The first one is a person in charge of a school or organization. The second can be money that has been invested or lent in a transaction. Third, it can also be used as an adjective to describe something that is important. Here are some examples:

  • The PRINCIPAL at my school is very strict. He won’t let me get away with anything!
  • I know that you now owe a lot of money on your loan, but what was the PRINCIPAL? (How much did you originally owe?)
  • Money comes and goes but the PRINCIPAL thing in life should be your health.

Principle Definition and Examples

“Principle” has a much different meaning. This can be defined as a rule or something that is generally true. For example:

  • A person without PRINCIPLES is not someone you want to deal with.
  • The scientific PRINCIPLES of physics are sometimes hard to explain.
  • Understanding the PRINCIPLES of cooking will allow you to cook delicious food.


Way to Remember the Difference between Principle vs Principal

A trick you can use to remember the difference is to remember the word “pal.” This word means someone who is a friend. Therefore, the “principal” is your “pal.” And just as much as I like my “pal” the “principal,” money is also my “pal.”

Principal vs Principle Examples:

  • Their school gave a reception to their new principal.
  • The hospital was named in honour of its principal benefactor.
  • His principal reason for making the journey was to visit his family.
  • They were the principal shareholders in a bank riddled with corruption.
  • The principal product of alcohol metabolism is acetic acid, which is useful in many ways.
  • I agree with you in principle, but we’ll need to discuss the details.
  • The organization works on the principle that all members have the same rights.
  • I think this government operates on the basis of expediency, not of principle.
  • Setting aside the question of cost, what do you think of the idea in principle?
  • These two medical instruments work on the same principle.


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