Computer Quiz for IBPS

1. The pattern of printed lines on most products are called ________
B. prices
C. bar codes
D. None of the Above

2. MICR stands for ____________
A. Magnetic Ink Colour Recognition
B. Magnetic Ink Code Recognition
C. Magnetic Ink Computer Recognition
D. Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

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3. The OCR recognises the _______ of the characters with the help of light source.
A. Size
B. Shape
C. Colour
D. None of the Above

4. Which Unit is used to measure the speed of a printer?
D. None of the Above

5. Which of the following groups consist of only Input devices?
A. Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor
B. Mouse, Keyboard, Printer
C. Mouse, Keyboard, Plotter
D. Mouse, Keyboard, Scanner

6. USB refers to a ______
A. storage device
B. processor
C. port type
D. None of the Above

7. OCR is used for the preparation of _________
A. electricity bills
B. telephone bills
C. insurance premium
D. All of the Above

8. A joystick is primarily used to/for ________
A. print text
B. draw picture
C. computer gaming
D. None of the Above

9. The ______ may also be called the screen or monitor.
A. Scanner
B. Display
C. Hard Disk
D. None of the Above

10. What type of devices are computer speakers or headphones?
A. Input
B. Output
C. Input/Output
D. None of the Above


1)C. bar codes
2)D. Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
3)B. Shape
4)C. PPM
5)D. Mouse, Keyboard, Scanner
6)C. port type
7)D. All of the Above
8)C. computer gaming
9)B. Display
10)B. Output

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