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1) Which country will host the 2018 Global Summit on Climate Action?
a) United States
b) Brazil
c) United Kingdom
d) France
e) None of these

2) Which country hold first-ever trilateral meeting with India and Afghanistan ?
a) Iran
b) Iraq
c) Saudi Arabia
d) Indonesia
e) None of these

3) Nepal will take part in a 12-day-long ‘Sagarmatha Friendship-2’ military exercise with
a) Pakistan
b) Bangladesh
c) Japan
d) China
e) None of these

4) Which circle comes at the last spot with 80.23 percent 4G availability?
a) Assam
b) Jammu and Kashmir
c) Odisha
d) Bihar
e) Maharashtra

5) To which of the following country India will supply 160 railway passenger coaches?
a) Bangladesh
b) Nepal
c) Pakistan
d) Srilanka
e) None of these

6) Amit Phangal who has been nominated for Arjuna awards 2018 is associated with _______.
a) Swimming
b) Boxing
c) Shooting
d) Athletics
e) None of these

7) With which city Delhi government will ink a pact for cooperation in urban regeneration?
a) Paris
b) Tokyo
c) Beijing
d) Seoul
e) Berlin

8) The Union Cabinet has given its approval for introduction of Bill in Parliament for amendment of NID Act, 2014 to include how many new National Institutes of Design (NID) within the ambit of the National Institute of Design Act, 2014?
a) 5
b) 8
c) 3
d) 7
e) 4

9) Who has been conferred with the prestigious UN Interagency Task Force (UNIATF) Award for his outstanding contribution towards prevention and control of non-communicable diseases?
a) Manoj Jhalani
b) Kailash Saini
c) Dinesh Sankhala
d) Rajeev Sharma
e) Rakesh Sharma

10) Who was renominated as Chairman of Ethics Committee of Lok Sabha?
a) Lallu Prasad Yadav
b) Amith Shaw
c) L K Advani
d) Jual Oram
e) None of these



1)a) United States
2)d) Indonesia
3)d) China
4)b) Jammu and Kashmir
5)d) Srilanka
6)b) Boxing
7)d) Seoul
8)e) 4
9)a) Manoj Jhalani
10)c) L K Advani



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