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Q1. Former Indian Captain Sardar Singh Announced his retirement recently. He belongs to ___.
(a) Football
(b) Cricket
(c) Hockey
(d) Kabaddi
(e) Gymnastics

Q2. India’s exports in August 2018 were ____.
(a) $ 27.84 Billion
(b) $ 23.36 Billion
(c) $ 27.84 Million
(d) $ 23.36 Million
(e) $ 29.46 Billion

Q3. Engineer’s Day is celebrated on the birth anniversary of ______.
(a) Kalpana Chawla
(b) A P J Abdul kalam
(c) E Shridharan
(d) C V Raman
(e) M Visvesvaraya

Q4. Recently highest award in the Handicraft sector were presented by Union Minister of Textiles at Raipur. What is the name of the award?
(a) Craft Guru
(b) Shilp Bhusan
(c) Shilp Ratn
(d) Shilp Shikshak
(e) Shilp Guru

Q5. Recently National Award to Master craft persons was presented by Union Minister of Textiles at Raipur. Who is the present Union Minister of Textiles?
(a) Kalraj Mishra
(b) Rajya Vardhan Singh Rathore
(c) Smriti Zubin Irani
(d) Radha Mohan Singh
(e) Piyush Goyal

Q6. Inflation based on wholesale prices eased to a four-month low of in August 2018. What is its Percentage value?
(a) 5.09%
(b) 4.04%
(c) 3.53%
(d) 4.53%
(e) 3.93%

Q7. The International Day of Democracy is observed globally on 15th September. What is the theme of the International Day of Democracy 2018?
(a) Democracy under Strain: Solutions for a Changing World
(b) Remember Slavery: Recognising the Legacy and Contributions of People of African Descent
(c) Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for all
(d) Wanted: Leaders for a Democratic World
(e) None of the given option is true

Q8. Festival of Nuakhai was recently celebrated in ___.
(a) Maharashtra
(b) Goa
(c) Telangana
(d) Odisha
(e) Tripura

Q9. Engineer’s Day is celebrated on _____.
(a) 15 October
(b) 28 August
(c) 12 September
(d) 15 September
(e) 30 October

Q10. The government has decided on a number of steps to contain Current Account Deficit (CAD), which widened to ____% of the GDP in the first quarter of 2018-19.
(a) 3.9%
(b) 3.3%
(c) 1.8%
(d) 2.9%
(e) 2.4%



1)(c) Hockey
2)(a) $ 27.84 Billion
3)(e) M Visvesvaraya
4)(e) Shilp Guru
5)(c) Smriti Zubin Irani
6)(d) 4.53%
7)(a) Democracy under Strain: Solutions for a Changing World
8)(d) Odisha
9)(d) 15 September
10)(e) 2.4%



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