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Candidates who are appearing for any type of competitive exam would swear by the importance of studying the current affairs notes . In a lot of exams, including UPSC, IBPS, SBI , INSURANCE, Current Affairs is one of the most important pillars. A lot of questions are directly asked from current events and happenings having political, economic and social ramifications on the country.If such is the case you absolutely cannot compromise on the Notes you refer to brush up your knowledge on General Knowledge.One should have complete knowledge about the banking terms, current affairs news, etc. So, here is the GK Quiz of 22nd May 2020 to help you prepare the Current affairs part. After reading this section, you can successfully attempt Current Affairs Quiz.

Q1. Reserve Bank of India cuts repo rate by ________ on 22 May amid Lockdown.
A. 20 bps
B. 25 bps
C. 35 bps
D. 40 bps

Q2. When is the International Day for Biological Diversity observed?
A. 20 May
B. 21 May
C. 22 May
D. 23 May

Q3. Who is the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh?
A. Kamal Nath
B. Jyotiraditya Scindia
C. Shivraj Singh Chouhan
D. Digvijaya Singh

Q4. Which State is to launch Everybody will get an employment scheme?
A. Tamil Nadu
B. Uttar Pradesh
C. Madhya Pradesh
D. Karnataka

Q5. When is the International Tea Day observed?
A. 18 May
B. 21 May
C. 24 May
D. 30 May

Q6. RBI announced ________ line of credit (LoC) to EXIM Bank on 22 May to help the sagging foreign trade.
A. Rs.5,000 crore
B. Rs.10,000 crore
C. Rs.15,000 crore
D. Rs.20,000 crore

Q7. NTPC has ________ of installed Renewable power projects in its portfolio and about 2300 MW of RE projects under construction.
A. 600 MW
B. 850 MW
C. 920 MW
D. 1200 MW

Q8. When is the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development observed?
A. 24 April
B. 2 May
C. 21 May
D. 14 June

Q9. NTPC Ltd signed MoU with ________ for the Renewable Energy business.

Q10. Scientists from _________ discovered new ways to prevent memory loss due to Alzheimer by using ‘Trojan peptides’ to arrest the aggregation of the neurotoxic molecules.
C. IIT-Guwahati
D. IIT-Madras



1) D. 40 bps 6) C. Rs.15,000 crore
2) C. 22 May 7) C. 920 MW
3) C. Shivraj Singh Chouhan 8) C. 21 May
4) C. Madhya Pradesh 9) A. ONGC
5) B. 21 May 10) C. IIT-Guwahati


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