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Candidates who are appearing for any type of competitive exam would swear by the importance of studying the current affairs notes . In a lot of exams, including UPSC, IBPS, SBI , INSURANCE, Current Affairs is one of the most important pillars. A lot of questions are directly asked from current events and happenings having political, economic and social ramifications on the country.If such is the case you absolutely cannot compromise on the Notes you refer to brush up your knowledge on General Knowledge.One should have complete knowledge about the banking terms, current affairs news, etc. So, here is the GK Quiz of 25th May 2020 to help you prepare the Current affairs part. After reading this section, you can successfully attempt Current Affairs Quiz.

Q1. The UN Secretary General Envoy on Youth has listed Khudol of which state as one of the Top 10 Global Initiatives to fight COVID-19 ?
A) Sikkim
B) Nagaland
C) Tripura
D) Manipur
E) Assam

Q2. What is the theme of the International Day to End Obstetric Fistula observed annually on May 23 ?
A) Let’s fight fistula, now more than ever
B) End gender inequality! End health inequities! End Fistula now
C) Focus on achieving a healthy body
D) Fit mind, Fit body
E) Dealing with obstetric fistula

Q3. Who is the chairperson of the High-level panel formed to recommend reforms in India’s drug regulatory system ?
A) Sunil Talwar
B) Nikhil Bhatia
C) Rajesh Bhushan
D) Anand Kumar
E) Raj Singh

Q4. Footballer Aritz Aduriz who announced his retirement recently , belonged to which country ?
A) Mexico
B) Spain
C) Chile
D) Argentina
E) Brazil

Q5. Four-time Grand Slam singles champion Ashley Cooper passed away recently. He belonged to which country ?
A) Netherlands
B) England
C) Australia
E) Spain

Q6. Which state observes May 25 as Jhiram tribute day to pay tribute to congress leaders killed in maoist attack ?
A) Assam
B) Nagaland
C) Chattisgarh
D) Jharkhand
E) Mizoram

Q7. Who among the following has been appointed to key a position on climate change and disaster management in the World Bank ?
A) Mohit Raj
B) Nitin Kumar
C) Anant Das
D) Sushant Varma
E) Abhas Jha

Q8. Which of the following states has become the first one, to release a unique report highlighting conservation efforts to save over 1,100 rare plants from extinction ?
A) Sikkim
B) Uttarakhand
C) Haryana
D) Punjab
E) Himachal Pradesh

Q9. R Shanmugam who passed away recently was a famous _____.
A) Singer
B) Hockey player
C) Producer
D) Footballer
E) Director

Q10. International Missing Children’s Day is observed annually on which date ?
A) May 19
B) May 22
C) May 26
D) May 28
E) May 25


1) D) Manipur 6) C) Chattisgarh
2) B) End gender inequality! End health inequities! End Fistula now 7) E) Abhas Jha
3) C) Rajesh Bhushan 8) B) Uttarakhand
4) B) Nikhil Bhatia 9) D) Footballer
5) C) Australia 10) E) May 25


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