This newspaper is opposed(सामने का/विरोध का) to the death penalty in principle. But there are other reasons to disapprove of the proposed amendment(संशोधन) to the Indian Penal Code to award death penalty to those who rape children. One is that the death penalty might well inhibit(रोकना) reporting of the crime, when the rapist is a close relative or otherwise well known to the family of the victim(शिकार/मुहरा), as is the case in 94% of reported rape cases. Obversely, it makes it all the more likely that the rapist would kill the victim after the crime—the penalty cannot go up and the chance of being identified as the perpetrator(अपराधी/मुजरिम) comes down. The more serious objection, however, is that such  elevation(ऊंचाई/उन्नति)of the penalty and prescribing(हुक्म चलाना/आज्ञा देना) tighter norms for bail and faster prosecution(अभियोग) serve as tokens of official commitment to preventing rape while diverting attention(ध्यान/अवधान) from what really needs to be done.

Strengthening (वृद्धि/बढ़ाव)the capacity of the police force to investigate crimes and prosecute the guilty (दोषी)is one of those complex challenges that get neglected. Police reform to prevent (रोकना/प्रतिबंध करना) political interference in investigation of crimes and the conduct of enforcing the law is key to making any law work in India, including(सहित/समेत) in the case of rape. An MLA accused of rape can roam free, even as the victim’s father can be picked up by the police and beaten up. Training policemen in crime detection(पता लगाना/खोलना), creating trust between the community and the police, so that information flows to the police, instead of being tortured out of the mouths of select witnesses, bringing in overall professionalism(व्यावसायिकता) in police work—such things make a difference but do not get recognition(मान्यता/पहचान) as political sensitivity to rape. The good work being done to empower women and change social attitudes on gender must be redoubled. For, differential power relations underpin rape.

Important Vocabulary

Synonyms: constrain, curb, discourage, forbid, hinde
Antonyms: advance, aid, allow, assist, encourage

Synonyms: casualty, fatality, martyr, sufferer, buttstar
Antonyms: criminal, culprit

Synonyms: assassin, criminal, executioner, soldier, butcher

4.Prescribing(हुक्म चलाना/आज्ञा देना)
Synonyms: define, determine, dictate, establish, impose
Antonyms: confuse, disallow, disorganize, leave, misguide

5.Detection(पता लगाना/खोलना),
Synonyms: disclosure, apprehension, espial, exposure, find
Antonyms: failure, miss, mistake



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