Asaram Bapu’s conviction(दोषसिद्धि/आस्था) for rape is welcome. It is easy to ignore the significance of the conviction in the din created by the Congress’ tweet of a picture of Asaram with Narendra Modi and the BJP’s counter tweets of pictures of Asaram with assorted(मिश्रित/चयनित) Congress leaders. The fact is that Asaram was arrested by Congress’ Gehlot government and is being convicted under the successor BJP government headed by Raje. Neither party tried to interfere(दखल नामा/विरोध करना)with the working of the law and of the sentencing of the godman for life. Which is more than can be said for many other politically sensitive cases.

A new consensus(आम सहमति/मेल) is emerging that men cannot get away with sexual assault(हमला/धावा करनेवाला), however powerful they might be, whether their power is this-wordly or allegedly divine(दिव्य/ईश्वरीय). Godmen enjoy respect, large followings and, therefore, political clout. Politicians flock to them, hoping that some of the devotees(भक्तों/प्रेमी)’admiration(श्रद्धा/प्रशंसा) would rub off on them as well. Asaram Bapu’s experience, and that of the self-styled messenger of God of Dera Sacha Sauda, should serve as a warning that this is not always a good idea. Politicians should seek to build support on the basis of what they stand for, what they propose to do and what track record they have built(निर्माण करना/बना देना) up. God and Caesar should stay separate. People have spiritual(आध्यात्मिक/काल्पनिक) needs. The Hindu religion offers varied paths to spiritual fulfilment(पूर्ति,/निर्वाह), ranging from the purely intellectual(बौद्धिक/ज्ञान का) to total, worshipful surrender, and godmen figure somewhere in that mix. Considering that a number of godmen are turning out to be endowed more with amoral capacity to manipulate(हेरफेर/सफ़ाई से बरताना) their devotees’ sentiments to meet their own baser ends than with divine epiphany, people would be well advised to exercise more discretion in choosing their spiritual paths and objects ofpiety(धार्मिकता/साधुता).


Important Vocabulary


Synonyms: sundry, diversified, mixed, motley, varied
Antonyms: like, same, similar, unvaried

Synonyms: confidence, faith, feeling, principle sentiment
Antonyms: distrust, doubt, disbelief, unbelief, overturning

3.Consensus(आम सहमति/मेल)
Synonyms: accord, consent, harmony, unanimity, unity
Antonyms: denial, disagreement, dissension, opposition, refusal

Synonyms: angelic, celestial, eternal, heavenly, holy
Antonyms: earthly, hellish, irreligious, irreverent, ordinary

Synonyms: fervor, loyalty, religiosity, reverence, zeal
Antonyms: apathy, agnosticism, atheism, disbelief, disloyalty

6.Intellectual(बौद्धिक/ज्ञान का)
Synonyms: cerebral, creative, highbrow, mental, psychological
Antonyms: body, physical, foolish, ignorant, simple

7.Manipulate(हेरफेर/सफ़ाई से बरताना)
Synonyms: employ, shape, wield, feel, finger
Antonyms: destroy, idle, leave alonea



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