The just-concluded(निष्कर्ष निकाला) 25th Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting marks the renewal of this mid-20th-century institution. Its renewed relevance(योग्यता/प्रासंगिकता) owes much to the UK’s exit from the EU, the difficult Brexit negotiations(बातचीत/वार्ता), the global leadership vacuum (शून्य अंतर/ख़ालीपन) created by an increasingly(तेजी से/विस्तार से)inward-looking America-First President Donald Trump, and the rise of an aggressive China.India, which seeks to engage with ever more countries to raise its global profile, must step up to play a pivotal(मध्य/आधारभूत) role in recasting(बदल डालना/मरम्मत करना) the Commonwealth as a 21st-century institution(संस्था/प्रथा)).Though all save Rwanda and Mozambique of the Commonwealth’s 53 members were once ruled, directly or indirectly, by Britain, the revived(पुनर्जीवित ) Commonwealth cannot be a platform to relive the Empire.

The vast majority of its members are poor, vulnerable(आलोचनीय/चपेट में), developing countries. New Delhi has to step up its engagement and play a proactive role in fashioning Commonwealth 2.0. India’s contribution to set up the Commonwealth Small States Trade Finance Facility, a $5-million fund for small states to obtain(हासिल करना/प्राप्त करना) easier access to international trade finance to diversify(विविधता ) their economies, exemplifies New Delhi’s willingness(इच्छा/स्वेच्छा) to step up its commitment. As a country that has much in common with its rich and poor members, India can help fashion the forum’s engagement on key global challenges such as climate change and the transition to sustainable consumption(खपत/उपयोग)and production systems. India must ensure that the Commonwealth provides a model of economic development based on mutual benefit, cooperation and collaboration(सहयोग/सहभागिता) — an alternative to China.Efforts to facilitate and augment(बढ़ाना/बढ़ती करना) trade within member countries should be another focus area. New Delhi must work with countries across the spectrum(विस्तार/पहुँच) to ensure(सुनिश्चित/सुरक्षित पखना) that forum remains relevant and delivers for all.



Important Vocabulary

Synonyms: applicability, importance, purpose, application, appositeness

2.Vacuum (शून्य अंतर/ख़ालीपन)
Synonyms: gap, void, exhaustion, nothingness, rarefaction
Antonyms: fullness

Synonyms: central, climactic, critical, crucial, decisive
Antonyms: inessential, minor, secondary, trivial, uncritical

4.Augment(बढ़ाना/बढ़ती करना)
Synonyms: add to, amplify, boost, build up, develop
Antonyms: abridge, compress, condense, contract, curtail

Synonyms: rainbow, chromatic spectrum, hue cycle



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