The measure of tests: on JEE, NEET

Allowing students to take JEE and NEET twice a year is logical
In an ideal system, admission to higher education courses would be based on assessment(मूल्यांकन/निर्धारण) of aptitude(योग्यता) and suitability(उपयुक्तता/अनुकूलता), and a testing process that is transparent, accessible(सुलभ ) and fair(निष्पक्ष). India’s policymakers have struggled(अधिक परिश्रम करना/संघर्ष करना) to create a credible(विश्वसनीय) national admissions apparatus(उपकरण) for professional degree programmes that accommodates(अनुकूल बनाना/स्थान देना) the diversity(परिवर्तन/विविधता ) and plurality(बहुलता/अधिकता) of the country. The two-level Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) for admission to technological institutes such as the IITs, NITs and IIITs, and the National Eligibility(योग्यता/पात्रता) cum Entrance Test (NEET) for undergraduate(पूर्वस्नातक) medical courses are steps in this direction — although(हालांकि) much work remains(बाकी है/अवशेष) to be done to make them accessible, especially(ख़ास तौर पर/विशेष रूप से) for rural(ग्रामीण ) students who suffer(पीड़ित होना/सहना) from various handicaps, not the least of which is a shaky(अशांत /कमजोर) school education system. Viewed against this background, the decision of the Centre to form a National Testing Agency to conduct(आचरण/व्यवहार) these and some other examinations is a progressive(प्रगतिशील) move. A professional agency would look at nothing other than the suitability of the candidate to pursue(लक्ष्य रखना/पीछा करना) a particular programme. Of course, there will be those that contend that the better-run States could have their own agencies perform the same task, but theexpertise(विशेषज्ञता/निपुणता) of a national agency is preferable(बेहतर/उत्तम). The objective of aptitude testing in a populous country should be to enable(सक्षम करें/योग्य बनाना) mobility(गतिशीलता), and access to courses offered in any State. Peer-reviewed standards and curbs(नियंत्रण/प्रतिबंध) on commercialisation(व्यावसायीकरण ) can help expand higher education. In the case of medical courses, a common test such as NEET should make it possible to attend any of about 350 medical colleges, of which 175 are run by private entities(संस्थाओं/वास्तविकता) .

The idea of multiple opportunities to take a test in a single year, which the Centre has now adopted for JEE (Main) and NEET, is not really new, and is familiar(परिचित/सामान्य) to students entering universities abroad(विदेशों ), particularly those in the United States. In fact, the Ashok Misra committee set up by the Human Resource(संसाधन/उपाय) Development Ministry to review the JEE three years ago recommended that an online aptitude test be offered two or more times a year. The move to make both JEE (Main) and NEET available twice a year is consistent(संगत) with that advice(सलाह ) . However, a computer-based test should not turn into a barrier(प्रतिबंध/स्र्कावट) for students from rural backgrounds, and impose(लगाना/प्रभाव डालनाadditional expenditure(खर्च/लागत) on candidates for preparation, travel to a testing centre and so on. The reservations about online testing on such grounds should be overcome with good planning and allocation(आवंटन/बँटवारा) of sufficient funds. Equally important is the issue of regulation of coaching institutes — a sector worth about ₹24,000 crore a year, according to the Ashok Misra panel — in order to ensure that the changes do not result in further exploitation(शोषण/काम लेना) of students. Ultimately(अंतिम रूप में) , any process of reform at the level of entrance examinations can be meaningful only if the school education system is revamped(संशोधित /पुर्नोत्थान), and learning outcomes are improved(सुधार हुआ।).


Important vocabulary

Synonyms: appropriateness, fitness, propriety, agreement
Antonyms: inappropriateness, unsuitableness

2.Struggled(अधिक परिश्रम करना/संघर्ष करना)
Synonyms: cope, seek, strive, tackle, toil
Antonyms: forget, idle, neglect, be lazy

3.Suffer(पीड़ित होना/सहना
Synonyms: deteriorate, endure, experience, get, go through
Antonyms: calm, please, soothe, surrender, yield

Synonyms: desirable, excellent, preferred, superior, better
Antonyms: bad, inferior, poor, undesirable

Synonyms: ability, capability, capital, means, property
Antonyms: impotence, inability, incompetence, lack, weakness

6.Exploitation(शोषण/काम लेना)
Synonyms: bleeding, using, profiteering

Synonyms: charge, handling, management, manipulation, oversight
Antonyms: mismanagement, disorganization, disregard, ignorance, neglect




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