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1. SURREPTITIOUS (ADJECTIVE): sneaky, secret
Synonyms: clandestine, private
Antonyms: public, open
Example Sentence:
The pet has his surreptitious ways of stealing things behind my back.

2. PROTAGONIST (NOUN): the leader of or the person who argues most in favor of a cause
Synonyms: Champion, Leader
Antonyms: Opponent, Adversary
Example Sentence:
Mahatma Gandhi was the protagonist of the Indian Freedom Struggle.

Synonyms: foolish, idiotic
Antonyms: keen, sensible
Example Sentence:
He is a fatuous boy.

4. SYCOPHANT (NOUN) : a person who seeks favour from flattery and servile attention
Synonyms: Bootlicker, Brownnoser
Antonyms: Boss, Authoritative
Example Sentence:
The boss knew that most of his team members were sycophants.

5. ARRAIGN (VERB): accuse
Synonyms: incriminate, indict
Antonyms: exculpate, exonerate
Example Sentence:
He arraigned me of no reason.

Synonyms: brief, compact
Antonyms: lengthy, wordy
Example Sentence:
Make sure your work is succinct.

Synonyms: constant, straight
Antonyms: indirect, stopped
Example Sentence:
They allowed unhindered broadcast of an international news.

8. STEALTH (NOUN): secrecy
Synonyms: covertness, slyness
Antonyms: overtness, openness
Example Sentence:
If I can’t get what I want openly, I get it by stealth.

9. REFUGE (NOUN): a place of shelter
Synonyms: asylum, sanctuary
Antonyms: hazard, harmful place
Example Sentence:
The escaped prisoner sought refuge in the church.

10. SOLE (ADJECTIVE): alone
Synonyms: exclusive, solo
Antonyms: combined, mixed
Example Sentence:
Success is a sole motive of my life



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