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As we know that now a day’s in All Banking, SSC, Railway Exams vocabulary plays a vital role. To help you in this part and to improve your score in English Section we are providing you daily vocab pdf in detail from various English Editorial. Aspirants who want to improve in English can read and download this Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary PDF

Important Vocabulary

1. Erred(ग़लती करना)
Synonyms: misbehave, miscalculate, stray, stumble, blow
Antonyms: behave, obey, stay, understand, correct
2. Privileging(विशेष अधिकार देना)
Synonyms: accredit, allow, certify, empower, enable
Antonyms: deny, disallow, disapprove, refuse, reject
3. Debate(बहस).
Synonyms: argument, contest, controversy, deliberation, dispute
Antonyms: agreement, peace, quiet, harmony
4. Argue(तर्क करना/उलझ जाना)
Synonyms: contend, disagree, dispute, quarrel, quibble
Antonyms: agree, concur, give in, make peace, abstain
5. Mockery(मज़ाक/उपहास)
Synonyms: farce, sham, travesty, burlesque, butt
Antonyms: honesty, openness, truth, flattery, praise
6. Distrust(अविश्वास)
Synonyms: disbelief, doubt, misgiving, mistrust, skepticism
Antonyms: belief, certainty, confidence, faith, trust
7. Majority(बहुमत/अधिकांश)
Synonyms: bulk, mass, max, more, preponderance
Antonyms: inferiority, adolescence, childhood, minority, secondary
8. Despite(बावजूद/विरोध)
Synonyms: against, although, even though, even with, in contempt of
9. Detractors(विरोधियों/आलोचक)
Synonyms: critic, censor, defamer, depreciator
10. Perceived(माना जाता है)
Synonyms: anticipated, recognized, felt, grasped, heard
11. Accelerate(गति बढ़ाना/तेज़ करना)
Synonyms: advance, expedite, further, hasten, open up
Antonyms: block, cease, check, delay, discourage
12. Grassroots(जमीनी स्तर पर)
Synonyms: central, constitutional, crucial, elemental, elementary, essential
Antonyms: accessory, auxiliary, extrinsic, inessential, insignificant
13. Emerge(उभरने ).
Synonyms: appear, arrive, come up, crop up, develop
Antonyms: abandon, decrease, disappear, drop, fall
14. Concentrating(इकट्ठा करना/ध्यान दे)
Synonyms: apply, establish, fixate, focus, intensify
Antonyms: confuse, unsettle, disregard, forget, ignore
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