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1)10 men and 6 women can complete a piece of work in 8 days. In how many days will 14 men and 4 women complete the same piece of work?
a. 14 men can complete the work in 13 days.
b. 16 women can complete the work in 18 days
c. The amount of work done by a woman is three-fourth of the work done by the man in 2 days.
(A)only a
(B)only b or c or a
(C)any two of them
(D)only b or c
(E)only c

2)What will be Sachin’s age after 4 years ?
a. Ratio of Dhoni’s present age and Sachin present age is7:6
b. Dhoni is 5years older than sachin
c. The difference between the age of Dhoni and age of Kambir is 6 years
(A).only a and b
(B).All b , c and a not sufficient
(C).Any two of them
(D).only a or c
(E).only b

3)What is the accrued for on the principle of 4000 in 6 years?
a. The rate of simple for first 2 years will be 4p.c.p.a
b. The rate of compound interest for the last 4 years will be 5p.c.p.a
c. The interest earned on the same sum for different year is 595.
(A)only a or c
(B)all a, b and c not sufficient
(C)any two of them
(D)only a and b
(E)only c

4)Sumathi earned how much by selling her products in august 2017?
a. She earned 25% more profit in September 2017 as compared to July 2017
b. In august 2017 she earned 5% more profit than September
c. The profit earned in July 2017 is RS.2500
(A).only a
(B).All a, b and c sufficient
(C).Any two of them
(D).only b
(E).only c

5) A trader sells a homogeneous mixture of A and B at the rate of Rs. 25 /Kg. What is the profit earned by the trader?
a. He bought A at the rate of Rs. 21 per kg
b. He bought B at Rs.4 higher than the rate of A per Kg.
c. He bought A at the rate of Rs. 28 per kg
(A)only a and c together
(B)All a, b and c not sufficient
(C)Any two of them
(D)only b and c together
(E)only a or b

Direction (6-10) The questions given below contains two statements number I and II giving certain data. You have to decide whether the given data in the statement are sufficient to answer the question. Find the correct answer.
a. If statement I alone is sufficient but statement II alone is not sufficient.
b. If statement II alone is sufficient but statement I alone is not sufficient.
c. If either statement I or II is sufficient.
d. If both statement I and II together is not sufficient.
e. If both statement I and II together are sufficient, but neither of them alone is sufficient.

6)What is the Speed of Boat and the current?
a. The Boat Covers a distance of 12km in 4 hrs While travelling upstream
b. It covers the same distance in 2 hours in downstream

7)How many boys are there in the class?
a. The number of girls is35% of the number of boys
b. The ratio of the number of boys to that of girls is 2:7

8)What is the area of square?
a. The diagonal of the square is 6
b. The perimeter of the square is 24m

9)What is the Marked price and Cost price of the TV purchased by Mr.John?
a. John got discount of 25% on the Marked price
b. John sold 17603 at a profit of 16%.

10) What is the speed of the train?
a. The train crosses a pole in 22 seconds
b. The train crosses equal length platform in 54 seconds



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