Direction Sense Quiz For Upcoming Exams Answers

Q21. Option (B)

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After left turn he reaches point C, this means point F is in south of point C. So EF= 3km

So DF = km


Q22. Option (D)

GT = 10-4 = 6 km


Q23. Option (B)

Required distance is km


Q24. Option (A)

Let after first right turn he is at point K. Since after turn from K he reaches at point A so point K is in south of point A. So he has travelled SD + DK + KA = 3 + (9-4) + (3+6) = 17 km


Q25. Option (D)

Let that point be Y. So Midpoint of TG means TY =  = 4 km
So BY =


Q26. Option (C)

Required distance =  km


Q27. Option (E)

Since we do not know that how much distances has he travelled after each turn, his position with respect to starting point cannot be determined. There can be many cases as:


Q28. Option (D)

He has travelled = 9 + 2 + 6 + 2 = 19 km


Q29. Option (B)

LK = 12+12 = 24 km. BC = 12 km, so required answer = 24-12 = 12 km


Q30. Option (A)

MN = 4+4 = 8km
AE =

So required answer = 8+15 = 23 km

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