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Directons(1-9): Solve the following questions

1. A man is facing west.He turns 45 degrees in the clockwise direction and then another 180 degrees in the same direction and then 270 degrees in the anti-clockwise direction.Which direction is he facing now?
A. South
B. North-West
C. West
D. South-West

2. If you are facing North-east and move 10 m forward, turn left and move 7.5 m, then you are:
A. North of your initial position
B. South of your initial position
C. East of your initial position
D. 12 m from your initial position

3. Kailash faces towards the north.Turning to his right, he walks 5 metres.He then turns to his left and walks 30 metres.Next, he moves 25 metres to his right.He then turns to his right again and walks 55 metres.Finally , he turns to the right and moves 40 metres.In which direction is he now from his starting point?
A. South-West
B. South
C. North-West
D. South-East

4. Kunal walks 10 km towards North.From there he walks 6 km towards South.Then, he walks 3 km towards East.How far and in which direction is he with reference to his starting point?
A.5 km West
B.7 km West
C.7 km East
D.5 km North-East

5. Johnson left for his office in his car.He drove 15 km towards the north and then 10 km towards west.He then turned to the south and covered 5 km.Further, He turned to the east and moved 8 km.Finally,  He turned right and drove 10 km .How far and in which direction is he from his starting point?
A.2 km West
B.5 Km East
C.6 km South
D.3 km North

6. I am standing at the center of a circular field. I go down south to the edge of the field and then turning left I walk along the boundary of the field equal to three-eights of its length. Then I turn west and go right across to the opposite point on the boundary. In which direction am I from the starting point?


7. I am facing east.I turn 100 degrees in the clockwise direction and then 145 degrees in the anti-clockwise direction.Which direction am I facing now?

8. A river flows west to east and on the way turns left and goes in a semi-circle round a hillock, and then turns left at right angles.In which direction is the river finally flowing?

9. You go North, turns right, then right again and then go to the left. In which direction are you now?



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