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Which of the Phrases A, B, C, and D given below each sentence should replace the phrases printed in bold in the sentence to make it grammatically correct. If the sentence is correct as it is given and no correction is required, mark E. as the answer.

1. Instances of wild animals entering into human populate regions are quite common because of human encroachments on animal habitats

A. Humanly population regions
B. Humans populate regional
C. Human populated regions
D. Human population region
E. No correction required

2. Rabindranath Tagore’s poems teach children the importance of be courage and honest.

A. Are being courage
B. Is been courage
C. Have been courageous
D. Being courageous
E. No correction required

3. Recent Indian accomplishments across various sectors have filled every Indian with pride.

A. Around various sectors
B. Into various sectors
C. Over various sectors
D. Under various sectors
E. No correction required

4. The electromagnetic radiation from mobile towers was responsible for the decrease number offsparrows and bees

A. Decreased number from
B. Reduction numbers
C. Decreasing number of
D. Reduces numbers
E. No correction required

5. The explosives have been sent to the laboratory for testing as there true nature is not yet known.

A. There true character
B. Their true nature
C. There faithful character
D. Their false nature
E. No correction required

6. His behaviour with all his employees is so pleasing that everyone come forward for helping him.

A. came towards him for help
B. comes towards him for help
C. comes forward to help him
D. comes forward for help him
E. No correction required

7. According to many people ,Good life is to making more and more money.

A. is making more and more
B. is made more
C. and made more and more
D. are making more and more
E. No correction required

8. A master should never impose his servants too much work .

A. his servants with too much work
B. too much work with his servants
C. too much work on his servants
D. too much work for his servants
E. No correction required

9. Because of his smart work, he is in the best books of his employer.

A. in the better books
B. in the good books
C. in the good book
D. into the good books
E. No correction required

10. With the introduction of the new system ,the number of candidates who resort to unfair means is decreasing year after year.

A. resorting to
B. to resort to
C. resorted to
D. to resorting
E. No correction required


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