English: Phrasal Replacement For Upcoming Exams

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Which of the following phrases (1), (2), (3), (4) given below in the statements should replace the phrase printed in bold in the sentence to make it grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is given and ‘no Correction is required’, mark (5) as the answer.

  1. The President called off the wealthy countries for financial aid after the floods destroyed much of the country’s agriculture.
    1) called of
    2) called in
    3) called up
    4) called on
    5) No correction required.
    Answer – 4)                    Explanation: Call on – Ask for help.
  2. Guests have to check out off the hotel before midday
    1) Chew out
    2) check out of
    3) Check over
    4) check out of with
    5) No correction required.
    Answer – 2)                         Explanation: Check out of – Settle up and pay before leaving a hotel
  3. If I could chip on, there are a couple of issues I’d like to raise.
    1) chip of
    2) chip up
    3) chip at
    4) chip in
    5) No correction required.
    Answer – 4)                          Explanation: Chip in – Contribute to a discussion.
  4. The opposition parties are trying to Clean off the voters they lost in the last election.
    1) claw back
    2) Clean of
    3) clag up
    4) Clam up
    5) No correction required.
    Answer – 1                         Explanation: Claw back – Retake possession with difficulty.
  5. He stared at the front, but got tired and dropped after as the race went on.
    1) Dropped with
    2) dropped back
    3) Dropped away
    4) Dropped by
    5) No correction required.
    Answer – 2)                         Explanation: Drop back – Move towards the back of a group.
  6. A large number of ATM cards have never being used even once by the Jan Dhan account holders.
    1) never being used
    2) never will be used
    3) never been using
    4) never been used
    5) never being using
    Answer – 4.never been used
    Explanation :
    ‘Being’ is used as a verb for continuous tense when the sentence is written in passive voice, but the sentence is not in continuous tense here, it is Present Perfect. So, replace being with ‘been’ and use 3rd form of verb – ‘used’. Hence the answer D
  7. Ever since your dad saw me stealing that chocolate bar he has looked into me.
    1) threatened on
    2) looked down on
    3) hated up on
    4) looked across
    5) No correction
    Answer – 2.looked down on     Explanation : Look down upon – to regard with contempt , despise, loathe etc.
  8. We are phasing out our trip until January because of the hurricane.
    1) putting out
    2) cracking out
    3) putting off
    4) panning out
    5) No correction
    Answer – 2.cracking out           Explanation : Put off – to postpone.
  9. He was obsessed with computer games but the he grow out off them.
    1) Grew in
    2) Grew together
    3) Grew out of
    4) Grew on
    5) No correction required.
    Answer – 3)
    Explanation : ‘grew out of’ is the correct use. “grew out of” means “Lose interest as you grow older or become more mature.”
  10. There aren’t enough jobs to go around for the numbers of people graduating nowadays.
    1) Go round
    2) Go through
    3) Go together
    4) Go under
    5) No correction required.
    Answer – 1)
    Explanation : ‘Go round’ is the correct use. “Go round” means “Be or have enough of something.”
  11. The captain told the passengers to go down when the storm started.
    1) Go by
    2) Go below
    3) Go back
    4) Go away
    5) No correction required.
    Answer – 2)      Explanation : ‘Go below ’ is the correct use. “Go below ” means “Leave the top deck of a ship”
  12. Henry always geeks off at parties and bores all the people who don’t know much about computers.
    1) Gears of
    2) Geeks out
    3) Gears to
    4) Gears up
    5) No correction required.
    Answer – 2)                      Explanation: Geek out – Talk at length about computing.
  13. We screened of the area where we had the discussion from the rest of the meeting.
    1) Scrape through
    2) screened off
    3) Screened out
    4) Screw around
    5) No correction required.
    Answer – 2)     Explanation: Screen off – Separate a part of a room with something like a curtain, screen, etc.
  14. We were going to meet last night, but she BLEW me OFF at the last minute.
    1) Blow out
    2) Blow away
    3) Blow down
    4) Blow in
    5) No correction required.
    Answer – 5)
  15. He didn’t want to discuss the details, but I managed to BRING him AROUND and he told me everything.
    1) Bring in
    2) Bring back
    3) Bring down
    4) Bring forth
    5) No correction required.
    Answer – 5)