Choose the right option :

1. The protests were__________ at__________ awareness among the elite and the educated.

(a)held, generating

(b)aimed, creating

(c)targeted, awakening

(d)focused, building

(e)concentrated, producing

2. While it is __________ possible to inflation index cash entitlements and food stamps, the __________ nature of food prices would make it a more difficult process than envisaged.

(a)theoretically, volatile

(b)absolutely, stable

(c)hypothetically, slow

(d)not, unpredictable

(e)notionally, established

3. The actress is__________ that she has not only acted opposite her childhood hero, but has also __________ out a song and recited a poem onstage with the living legend.

(a)overjoyed, belted

(b)morose, sung

(c)ecstatic, written

(d)tense, prepared

(e)elated, made

4. __________ to popular belief that red meat makes humans __________ , scientists have found that it actually has a calming effect.

(a)Dissimilar, happy

(b)Opposite, intelligent

(c)Contrary, aggressive

(d)Comparable, hostile

(e)Sticking, violent

5. __________ an earlier judgment, the high court has directed the state government to identify natural water resources in the state and __________ all illegal encroachment son them.

(a)Remembering, establish

(b)Citing, remove

(c)Cancelling, build

(d)Quoting, destroying

(e)Furthering, maintain

6. After __________ pursuing it for nearly twenty one months, the city police __________ the case of the triple murder of a professor and his family.

(a)relentless solved

(b)doggedly cracked

(c)constantly handed

(d)persistently found

(e)tirelessly generated

7. Its not Just the __________ reggae and dancehall music that sets their party experience apart, the group has a Disc Jockey who __________ the crowd to dance, interacts with them and also raps to the music.

(a)regular, extols

(b)groovy exhorts

(c)morose compels

(d)upbeat, beats

(e)remarkable makes

8. The injured security guard was first __________ to a small private hospital from where he was shifted to a bigger civil hospital as his , __________ deteriorated.

(a)rushed, Condition

(b)hurried, status

(c)taken, life

(d)admitted, form

(e)hastened, health

9. The French government has said it will conduct a fourth search for the flight recorders of an Air France

Jetliner that __________ , into the Atlantic Ocean while flying from Rio de Janeiro to Paris 18 months __________

(a)crashed, ago

(b)plunged later

(c)dove before

(d)fell prior

(e)drowned, back

10. Behaving in a __________ and serious way, even in a__________ situation makes people respect you.

(a)calm, difficult

(b)steady, angry

(c)flamboyant, tricky

(d)cool, astounding

(e)silly, sound





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