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1. The organization __________ to popularize Indian classical music among the youth which has lost

__________ with its cultural roots.

(a)endeavors, touch

(b)wishes, interest

(c)efforts, experience

(d) exerts, intrigue

(e) need, relation

2. One of the major critiques of the examination system is that it to a spirit of __________ competition among the students.

(a)results, defective

(b)accompanies, adequate

(c)develops, intense

(d)takes, severe

(e)leads, unhealthy

3. Auroras are natural light displays in the sky, usually__________ at night, __________ in the Polar regions.

(a) watch, upward

(b)noticed, peculiar

(c)observed, only

(d)found, most

(e)follows, mainly

4. After the board examinations, students are __________up for the various entrance examinations __________ for next month .

(a)ready, timed

(b)gearing, scheduled

(c)prepared, programmed

(d)set, duration

(e)geared, kept.

5. The governmental __________ spurred dramatic improvements in the way waste management is

__________ out in many hospitals.

(a)rule, thrown

(b)plans, conduct

(c)crusade, done

(d) efforts, carried

(e)venture, disposed

6. The petitioner had __________ an immediate stay from the court on allotment of the flats till __________ of Investigation into the alleged irregularities.

(a)asked, process

(b)sought, completion

(c)propagated, finish

(d)demanded, course

(e)granted, end

7. Modern music doesn’t lend __________ to longevity sometimes it is hard even to remember what the biggest hit from a __________ of years ago was.

(a) itself couple

(b) much, few

(c)money, some

(d)matter, spatter

(e)substance, variety

8. Opportunities__________when they are seized and__________ when they are not.

(a)gather, evade

(b)needed, reflect

(c)create, disperse

(d)shout, calm

(e)multiply, die

9. At the sound of the bell we are to pause, relax our body and become gently __________ of our in breath and out breath__________ asked, thoughtless

a)requested, wishful

(b)invited, aware

(c)forced, meaningful

(d)braced, calm

(e)Hurting, creative

10. __________ to listen to the sounds of nature, we find that we pan afterwards carry , on with whatever we were doing in a more __________ and loving way.

(a)Feeling, helpful

(b)Waiting, rough

(c)Dreaming, dramatic

(d)Pausing, attentive.

(e)Hurting, creative





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