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Directions(Q1-10): In the following questions, a part of the sentence is printed in bold. Below are given alternatives to the bold part as (a), (b), (c) and (d) which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative. In case no improvement is needed, your answer is (e).

Q1. Vinoba Bhave was one of those Gandhians who did what he believed.
(a) Did what be believes                 (b) Does why they believe                (c) Did what they believed                (d) had which them believe                (e) No improvement

Q2. His verbal apology does not absolve him for the sins.
(a) Does not absolve him off the sins                 (b) Did not absolve him for the sins                (c) Does not absolve him of the sins                (d)  do never absolve he of the sins                (e) No improvement

Q3. For many tourists keeping a tourist guide during tours help to satisfy their hunger for knowledge
(a) Help to satisfy his hunger                (b) Helps satisfy their hunger                (c) Help to satisfy hunger
(d) helping to satisfy hungry                (e) No improvement

Q4. The whole idea of constructing and to decorate the puja pandals is a part of skill and creativity.
(a) Of decorating the puja panadals is                 (b) To decorate the puja pandals are                (c) Of decorating the puja pandals are                (d) of decorated the puja pandals being                (e) No improvement

Q5. I just can’t cope up with your erratic behavior.
(a) Cope up by                (b) Cope up of                (c) Cope with                (d)  cope down upon                (e) No improvement

Q6. The entire blame for crime cannot be led at the doors of the State.
(a) Be laid at doors                 (b) Been laid at the doors                (c) Be laid at the doors                (d) be lain of the doors
(e) No improvement

Q7. Adversities bring in the best and worst in different human beings.
(a) Bring out the best and the worst                 (b) Bring about the best and worst                (c) Bring out best and worst
(d) brought in better and worse                (e) No improvement

Q8. During the Miss World contest in London, it was a difficult moment to decide whether Miss India or Miss Greece is the most beautiful.
(a) Was more beautiful                 (b) Was the most beautiful                (c) Is more beautiful                (d) are being most than beautiful
(e) No improvement

Q9. Manju Kapur was 55 years old when her first novel ‘Difficult Daughters’ had been published by Harper Collins.
(a) Was published                (b) Got published                (c) Had been published                (d) did got been published
(e) No improvement

Q10. It obviously did not happen because of the Court’s order placing a limit on noise level from crackers.
(a) Placing a limit to noise level                 (b) To place a limit at noise level                (c) To place a limit on noise level
(d) doing placing on noise level                (e) No improvement



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