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Directions(Q.1-10): Pick out the most effective word from the given words to fill in the blanks to make the sentence meaningfully complete. 
Q1. The impact of two vehicles can cause a lot of __________ to both.
(a) Damage               (b) Damages               (c) Damaging               (d) Damagings

Q2. After the election, __________ a new stage.
(a) The entering nation               (b) The nation will enter                (c) To enter the nation              (d) Will the nation enter

Q3. He is __________ tennis.
(a) Fond to play               (b) Fond of playing               (c) Fond in playing               (d) Fond at playing

Q4. I hope she __________.
(a) Must come               (b) Should come               (c) Will come               (d) Must be coming

Q5. An increase in population, without an increase in economic level, __________ result in a lower standard of living.
(a) Tends to               (b) Tending to               (c) Will tend               (d) Tends

Q6. __________ as President, a candidate must win a majority of votes.
(a) Elected               (b) To be elected               (c) Having elected               (d) Electing

Q7. Encounters between people from different countries can result in misunderstandings _________ different conceptions about space.
(a) Because they               (b) Is because they               (c) Is because their              (d) Because of their

Q8. The greater __________ increase in population, the harder it is for people to find adequate housing.
(a) Of                 (b) The                (c) Is the               (d) Is of the

Q9. Fate smiled __________ him in all his ventures.
(a) At                (b) With                (c) On                (d) For

Q10. The weather in the far north is not __________ it is down south.
(a) Like humid as                 (b) As humid as                 (c) Humid as                 (d) So humid that



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