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Directions for (Q1-10): In each question below, a sentence is given with a part of it printed in bold type. That part may contain a grammatical error. Each sentence is followed by phrases (a), (b), (c), and (d). Find out which phrase should replace the phrase given in bold to correct the error, if there is any, and to make the sentence grammatically meaningful and correct. If the sentence is correct as it is and no correction is required, mark (e) if the answer.

Q1. The output of our factor is not been satisfactorily monitored.
(a) Has not being satisfactory              (b) Has not been satisfactorily             (c) Has not being satisfactorily
(d) Is not being satisfactory            (e) No correction required

Q2. Despite all my constraints and shortcomings, I would be definitely helped him.
(a) Would have definitely helped            (b) Should be definitely helping            (c) Could be a definite help
(d) Could have been definite to be helped            (e) No correction required

Q3. He persevered and succeed despite a lot of obstacles.
(a) Persevered and succeeded              (b) Perseveres and succeeds            (c) Persevered and succeeded in
(d) Perseveres and success            (e) No correction required

Q4. It was a stormy night, despite he went out.
(a) Although he go out            (b) Even he went out            (c) He although went out            (d) Yet he went out            (e) No correction required

Q5. Unless you have dedicated to your studies, you cannot expect success.
(a) Unless you do not dedicate to              (b)  If you have dedicated not to            (c) In case you did not dedicate to
(d) Unless you dedicate to            (e) No correction required

Q6. He reported that he had finished his work.
(a)  Had been finished            (b) Was finished            (c) Could be finished            (d) Has finished            (e) No correction required

Q7. You will get the reward if you will have been deserved it.
(a) Deserve it            (b) Are deserved it            (c) Have deserved it            (d) Will have deserving it            (e) No correction required

Q8. His father Disapproves because his getting up late.
(a) Disapproved that he is getting up            (b) Disapproved by his getting up            (c) Disapproves of his getting up
(d) Disapproves why he got up            (e) No correction required

Q9. He will be greatly surprised if he was being elected.
(a) If he will have elected                      (b) If he is elected               (c) Unless he was elected              (d) If he would have elected
(e) No correction required

Q10. No doubt he is aware of the lacunae in democratic form of government, yet he firmly believes on democratic principles.
(a) Firm believe for              (b) Firmly believe in            (c) Firmly believes in            (d) Firmly belief on            (e) No correction required



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