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Directions (1-15): Four sentences are given with a blank in each. Five words are also given. The blank in each sentence can be filled by one or more of the four words given. Similarly, each word given in the choices can go into any number of sentences. Identify the number of sentences each word can go into and mark as your answer the maximum number of sentences any word can go into.
I.  We bought our tickets and __________  our vacation plans.
II.We should __________  by the end of the week.
III.Efforts intensified to __________ plans for post-war reconstruction.
IV.Due to the suddenness of her passing details of her funeral arrangements have not been __________ at this time.
(a) decided
(b) finalized
(c) went
(d) get
(e) review
I.  The car proceeded over the rickety bridge with __________ .
II.  I received a __________ from the doctor about fat in my diet.
III.The climbers took the necessary __________  in preparing for the ascent.
IV. They treated the story of his escape with __________ .
(a) speed
(b) prescription
(c) warning
(d) caution
(e) attention
I.  The animals’ feet do not __________ and damage the soil as cows’ hooves do
II. our regional measures have had a significant __________ on unemployment
III.The auto industry will be __________ by the new labor agreements.
IV. They expect the meeting to have a marked __________ on the country’s future.
(a) fumble
(b) result
(c) impact
(d) revamped
(e) comeback
I.  The Republicans are expected to __________ in next year’s election.
II. Eventually, common sense __________ and he decided it would be more sensible to be honest.
III.A friendly atmosphere __________ among members of the team.
IV. she was __________ upon to give an account of her work
(a) return
(b) prevailed
(c) bent
(d) forced
(e) happen
I.  The book discusses his illness and __________ resignation from politics.
II. Those explosions must have been __________ to our departure, because we didn’t hear anything.
III.The mistakes were corrected in a __________ edition of the book.
IV. His misbehaviour and __________ dismissal from the firm were reported in the newspaper.
(a) distinguish
(b) came
(c) exist
(d) widespread
(e) subsequent
I.  The ambassador was __________ noncommittal when asked whether further sanctions would be introduced.
II. For skilled occupations, the supply of labour is __________ fairly inelastic, because few workers are capable of doing the work.
III.Paul, in his __________ blunt manner, told him he wasn’t interested.
IV. Tickets for these events will __________ cost around thirty dollars.
(a) completely
(b) merely
(c) approximately
(d) rude
(e) typically
I.  Their religious __________ prevented them from taking up arms.
II. She had been speaking for some five minutes with force and __________
III.Since it was her first __________ for stealing, she was given a less severe sentence.
IV. He said he was enjoying his new job, but his voice lacked __________.
(a) completely
(b) energy
(c) speech
(d) conviction
(e) entertainment
I.  The government is trying to attract __________ to the area .
II. I must say that I’m very impressed by her __________.
III.The redundancies are spread across the clothing, banking and building __________.
IV.She demonstrated great intelligence and __________as a prosecutor.
(a) investor
(b) looks
(c) area
(d) effect
(e) industry
I. The men were stationed as a central __________ ready to be transported wherever necessary
II.The hospital__________ certain drugs for the most serious cases.
III.His natural __________ is sometimes mistaken for unfriendliness.
IV.He had to call upon his inner __________ of strength to keep going.
(a) soul
(b) unit
(c) export
(d) reserve
(e) intention
I.  The precision with which surgeons can __________ brain tumours
II.All of the scandalous parts had been __________ from the diary.
III.During a three-hour operation, six tumours were __________ from the wall of the patient’s stomach.
IV.The official censors have __________ the controversial sections of the report.
(a) contract
(b) strenghten
(c) operate
(d) executed
(e) excised
I.  All imports of timber are in __________ with regulations
II. It is the job of the inspectors to enforce __________ with the regulations.
III.The workers were not in full __________ with the rules.
IV.Suddenly, he hated her for her __________ and passivity.
(a) reguation
(b) law
(c) compliance
(d) ideal
(e) bad
I.  A new __________ of the word processing program should be available soon.
II. His story of what happened that night didn’t correspond with the witness’s __________.
III.The film __________ of the novel received a lot of criticism.
IV.The official __________ of events is that the police were attacked and were just trying to defend themselves.
(a) won
(b) form
(c) narration
(d) version
(e) notification
I.   I didn’t think his comments were very __________ at the time.
II. There can be problems in __________ funds for legal expenses
III.The government have __________ millions of pounds for the project.
IV.He lost his job when he was found to have __________ some of the company’s money.
(a) real
(b) good
(c) appropriated
(d) allocating
(e) given
I.  Recent medical discoveries are already pointing the way to more __________ vaccines.
II. The city’s transport system is one of the most __________ in Europe.
III.We need someone really __________ who can organize the office and make it run smoothly.
IV.Bicycles are a cheap and __________ form of transport.
(a) realistic
(b) wanted
(c) significant
(d) efficient
(e) need
I. The __________ of the witness’s statement with the known facts suggests that he is telling the truth.
II. A book of the author’s personal __________ was published early last year.
III.The two men began a __________ that would continue throughout their lives.
IV.E-mail __________ has become extremely important for modern businesses.
(a) ride
(b) proof
(c) story
(d) experience
(e) correspondence


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