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Directions (Questions.1-10): In the following passage, there are blanks each of which has been numbered. For each blank five words have been suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

With Rahane batting (1) at the other end, Kohli gradually regained his (2). By the time Johnson returned for his next spell, the India vice-captain had scored his third century of the tour. He and Rahane were well on their way to post the first-ever fourth-wicket double-hundred stand at the historic MCG. Johnson was welcomed to the crease with three (3) pull shots, each more (4) than the next. It was Johnson who was (5) now. Two balls later, Kohli did what he had been doing for the rest of the day. He covered the line of a full delivery and punched the ball down the ground. Kohli and Rahane ran three. Johnson had (6) over a 100 runs without a wicket. Suddenly, India lost wickets in a heap. Rahane went followed by MS Dhoni and R Ashwin. Another collapse seemed (7). Kohli batted on to reach 69, his highest Test score to date. Then, as if it was scripted, he fell to Johnson in the last over of the day, with Haddin pulling off an acrobatic catch behind the stumps. The MCG (8). But not so much for Johnson’s first wicket of the Indian innings. Instead, every Indian and Australian around the MCG was on his feet, (9) and cheering Kohli as he walked (10) like a gladiator who’s just won another battle.

a) immodestly
b) imperiously
c) arrogantly
d) snobbishly
e) quietly

a) mien
b) arousal
c) excitement
d) composure
e) agitation

a) spanking
b) clobbering
c) chastising
d) thumping
e) lashing

a) irritating
b) vexing
c) scraping
d) grinding
e) rasping

a) shattered
b) rattled
c) clattered
d) vibrated
e) gabbled

a) conceded
b) repudiated
c) refused
d) disputed
e) contradicted

a) expecting
b) nearby
c) doubtful
d) menacing
e) imminent

a) disabled
b) smattered
c) exploded
d) crunched
e) wracked

a) applauding
b) partying
c) ranking
d) raving
e) eulogising

a) in
b) off
c) on
d) over
e) along



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