Directions (Q.1-10): In each one of the following sentences, there are two blank spaces. Below each sentence, there are five pairs of words denoted by numbers (a), (b), (c), (d) and (e). Find out which pair of words can be filled up in the blanks and make the sentence  meaningfully complete.
Q1. Only ______________ people are ______________ after death.
(a) Brave, forgotten                 (b) Vicious, admired                 (c) Virtual, known                 (d) Virtuous, remembered
(e) vivacious,  forgotten

Q2. Prices keep on going ______________ these days, and never move ______________.
(a) Up, downward                 (b) Up, underneath                 (c) High, low                 (d) Above, below                (e) below, under

Q3. Prabha’s ______________ in athletics yielded rich ______________ as she got a scholarship.
(a) Performance, money                  (b) Defeat, results                  (c) Behaviour, appreciation
(d) Excellence, dividends                  (e) Failure, disappointment

Q4. In a changing and ______________ unstructured business environment, creativity and innovation are being ______________ demanded of executives.
(a) Excessively, rapidly                 (b) Highly, extremely                 (c) Increasingly, moderately
(d) Progressively, increasingly                  (e) undermining, determining

Q5. In ______________ of international matters, there is always an element of risk in ______________ one might do.
(a) View, whichever                 (b) Many, doing                 (c) Defence, wrong                 (d) Case, whatever
(e) Spite, whatever

Q6. The Education Minister emphasised the need to discover and ______________ each student’s ______________ talents.
(a) Enlarge, dormant                 (b) Belittle, concealed                 (c) Suppress, potential                 (d) Flourish, hidden
(e) Develop, intrinsic

Q7. He is usually ______________, but today he appears rather ______________.
(a) Strict unwell                  (b) Tense, restless                 (c) Quiet, calm                (d) Happy, humorous                (e) Calm, disturbed

Q8. He is So ______________ that everyone is always ______________ to help him in his work.
(a) Helpful, reluctant                 (b) Aloof, cooperative                 (c) Adamant,  enthusiastic
(d) Miserly, ignorant                 (e) Magnanimous, eager

Q9. His ______________ speech has seriously ______________ the young minds.
(a) Audacious, delighted                 (b) Maiden, flattered             (c) Humorous, damaged            (d) Irresponsible, misled
(e) Eccentric, questioned

Q10. On ______________ of the enquiry, if it is found that the ______________ are true, the enquiry officer will report the matter to the higher authority.
(a) Demand, finding                 (b) Completion, allegations                 (c) Instituting, charges
(d) Withdrawal, inferences                 (e) Establishment, results



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