Directions (Q. 1-10): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it:
Bharatiya Mahila Bank, the country’s first all-women commercial bank, commenced its operations with seven branches. The first branch of Bank was opened in the iconic Air India building at Nariman point in Mumbai. India’s Prime Minister inaugurated the system on 19 November 2013 on the occasion of the 94th birth anniversary of former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. The setting up of the Bharatiya Mahila Bank is a small step towards the economic empowerment of women. It is also a reflection of our commitment to this cause. The bank will allow deposits to flow from everyone, but lending will be predominantly for women. The main objective of Bharatiya Mahila Bank is financial inclusion of women and providing them equal and easy access to financial services. But the move has been criticised as it treats women “differently”. This fact is guised in many forms, some in garbs of reverence, some as protection, but they are all forms of discrimination that promote gender-based stereotyping. Women-only organisations stem from this eagerness to patronise women in the name of preferential treatment.”
Bharatiya Mahila Bank has been set up with an initial paid-up capital of Rs. 1,000 crore. Led by Usha Ananthasubramanian, all the eight on the board of directors of the bank are women. The bank aimed to increase its branch count to 25 by March 2014.Currently, all the seven branches of the bank are in urban centres — Kolkata, Mumbai, Lucknow, Guwahati, Chennai, Bangalore and Ahmedabad. This could also prove to be a hindrance, at least in the short-term, in reaching out to rural women.In India, only 26% of women have an account with a formal financial institution, compared with 46% of men. That means an account in either a bank, a credit union, a co-operative, post office or a microfinance institution. Also, for women, per capita credit is 80 per cent lower than males.The Bharatiya Mahila Bank, which started operations from November 2013, is planning to open a modest 33,400 accounts through 39 branches in its first year.

Q1. Which of the following is correct in the context of the passage ?
I. Only women are appointed in Bhartiya Mahila Bank (BMB).
II. BMB is planning to open more branches in next five years.
III. Women have 20% less account with a formal financial institution, in comparison to men.
1) Only A              2) Only B              3) Only C              4) All A, B, and C              5) None of these

Q2. Consider the following statements and find out which of them are false in the context of the passage ?
I. It will accept deposits from only women but lending will be only for men.
II. It’s first branch was inaugurated in Mumbai
1) Only A              2) Only B              3) Both A and B              4) Either A or B              5) None of these

Q3. On which of the following occasions was BMB inaugurated ?
I. On the occasion of Woman’s Day.
II. On the occasion of Women Empowerment Day.
III. On the occasion of the 96th birth anniversary of the former Prime Minister of India
1) Only A              2) Only B              3) Only C              4) Both B and C              5) None of these

Q4. What do you mean by “Per capita credit is 80 per cent lower than males” ?
1) Total income is less than 80%.             2) Average income per person is 80 per cent lower than males.
3) Total capital is less than 20% in the comparison to males.             4) An account is credited by less than 80%.
5) None of these.

Q5. What is the initial capital of BMB ?
1) 26% of its total income              2) Equal to the monetary value of 33400 accounts.
3) It’s one thousand crore.              4) Yet it’s not decided.              5) None of these

Directions: (Q.6-7): Choose the word which is MOST SIMILAR in meaning to the word printed in bold as used in the

Q6. Predominantly
1) Hardly              2) Rarely              3) Mainly              4) Inferior              5) Trivial

Q7. Iconic
1) Historic              2) Seminal              3) Untraditional              4) Atypical              5) Superficial

Direction: (Q. 8 – 10) : Choose the word which is MOST OPPOSITE in meaning of the word printed in bold as given below-

Q8. Reverence
1) Dissimilate               2) Pigeonhole               3) Methodise              4) Disregard              5) Condescend

Q9. Stereotype
1) Different               2) Snub               3) Antagonise               4) Emblematic               5) Disdain

Q10. Patronize
1) Favour               2) Oppose               3) Standardise               4) Confuse               5) Praise



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